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    11 Signs You're Going Through Serial Withdrawal

    Spoiler-Free. The only thing ruined is your commute.

    1. You spend hours listening to the deafening silence in your earbuds.

    2. Everyone in your life starts to feel like a potential suspect.

    3. You've stopped trusting Jays.

    4. You've spent your life savings on high-fives.

    5. You're starting to regret torching all of your Welcome To Night Vale merchandise.

    6. Your shovel collection is spotless.

    7. You're actually caught up on This American Life

    8. You're drunk-dialing random prisons.

    9. You've been living in the air ducts at WBEZ.

    10. You're leading an expedition to capture the Mail Kimp

    11. You've stepped foot in a Best Buy since 2009.

    Thumbnail: Getty Images/iStockphoto Kennyholmes