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    We Tried To Guess What Frank Underwood Might Be Holding

    This picture is obviously incomplete. How would you complete it?

    Anyone with their roommate's Netflix password is currently binge-watching House of Cards Season 3.

    Internet statisticians tweeted out an analysis of [minor spoiler] President Underwood's jobs plan, accompanied by this image of the embattled president seemingly holding something invisible.

    Frank Underwood's jobs plan on House of Cards is bonkers

    BUT WHAT? Is he clinging desperately to power? To his marriage? His mortality in the face of looming death and irrelevance?

    No. Those guesses are dumb. Here are some of the things we think it could be and it definitely is —

    A Fun Balloon

    Some Flowers for His Beloved, Claire

    A Cobra

    A Genie


    A Bart

    The One Thing the Protagonist of House of Cards Truly Craves