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    16 Fictional Characters Google Searchers Think Might Be Real

    Or gay. Or Jewish. Prepare to have your reality shattered.

    1. Alf

    Warner Bros.

    2. Harry Potter

    Warner Bros.

    3. The Smurfs

    Columbia Pictures

    4. Batman

    Warner Bros.

    5. Superman

    Warner Bros.

    6. Frankenstein

    Universal Studios

    7. Indiana Jones

    Paramount Pictures

    8. Mickey Mouse

    Getty Images Janette Pellegrini

    9. Sherlock Holmes


    10. Freddy Krueger

    New Line Cinema

    11. Chucky

    Universal Pictures

    12. Captain Hook


    13. Dora The Explorer


    14. The Ghostbusters

    Columbia Pictures

    15. The Muppets


    They're also not entirely clear on certain places.

    Warner Bros.

    Or historical events.


    16. How many of these characters did you think were real? The average answer is 8. Let us know in the comments below.


    —and remember: Knowledge is the real ultimate life form.

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