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If "Friends" Had Been Set In Yorkshire

How's tha doin?

1. The one where Monica gets a roommate in her plausibly large flat.

2. The one where Ross gets a ferret.

3. The one where Joey's catchphrase is "how's tha doin?"

4. The one where Rachel gets a job in a tea shop.

5. The one where the recession forces the tea shop to close.

6. The one where Rachel gets a job in soulless coffee franchise.

7. The one where the gang hang out in the pub downstairs.

8. The one where Phoebe sings about a reeking moggy.

9. The one where Ross falls asleep on t'Transpennine Express.

10. The one where it looks like it might rain.

11. The one where Ugly Naked Guy pops his clogs.

12. The one with all the Rugby League.

13. The one where Joey gets a job on Corrie and has to move to Manchester.

14. The one where Joey gets in a scrap with Ken Barlow and comes home.

15. The one where everyone knows how to make a good cup of tea.

16. The one where Phoebe spends the weekend on hold to NHS Direct.

17. The one where Ross and Rachel take a Welcome Break on the M62 at Bradford.

18. The one where shopping mall is pronounced like "pal" not like "ball".

19. The one where Joey forgets his coat and it starts pissing it down.

20. The one with the coach trip to Bridlington.

21. The one where Janice's catchphrase is "ee-bah-gum".

21. The one where a southerner shows up and everyone's accents get more Yorkshire.

22. The one with the Otley Run.

23. The one in Whitby, part 1.

24. The one in Whitby, part 2.

25. The one after Whitby where the gang struggle to remove goth make-up.

26. The one where Phoebe plays a working men's club in Halifax.

27. The one where Chandler gets his sen locked in a cupboard.

28. The one with the jumpers for goalposts.

29. The one where Ross was once in a keyboard band with John Shuttleworth.

30. The one with the Girl from Essex.

31. The one where Monica goes in Tiger Tiger and immediately regrets it.

32. The one with the trip to Meadowhall.

33. The one where Ross brews his own beer; "Pale-aleontology".

34. The one where someone leaves a gate open and the sheep get out.

35. The one with Brian Blessed.

36. The one where Joey gets a job at Haven Holiday Park.

37. The one where everyone sits quietly in the pub for a few hours then goes home.

38. The one where Chandler admits he's afraid of walking on the moors.

39. The one where Ross dates a fresher.

40. The one where Ross buys Elizabeth's dad a pint.

41. The one where no one complains about the weather.

42. The one where Chandler realises no one likes a sarky bastard.

43. The one where Joey drinks an entire bottle of Henderson's Relish.

44. The one where everyone is really friendly to strangers all the time.

45. The one with the dozen Yorkshire puddings.

46. The one where Rachel gets a job in Harvey Nicks.

47. The one with Christmas in Thirsk.

48. The one where everyone faces the cold reality of austerity measures.

49. The one where Ross gets an errant ball to the face at the cricket.

50. The one where the gang argue over if it's a ginnel or a snicket.

51. The one where Joey pronounces "scone" the wrong way.

52. The one where Phoebe looks after a stall in Leeds City Markets.

53. The one where they spend a fair bit of time outside because it's lovely.

54. The one with a duck named Cock and a chick named Duck.

55. The one where everyone goes twerk.

56. The one where Monica and Chandler move two minutes down t'road.