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    16 Incredibly Cool Posters For Unmade Cult Movie Sequels

    This time... it's poster art. Via iam8bit.

    iam8bit Gallery in LA is hosting an exhibit featuring poster art for unmade sequels to cult movies.

    Labyrinth 2 by Ruben Ireland.

    Called 'Sequel', the exhibition features posters for follow-ups to such cult classics as Labyrinth, The Goonies, and Blade Runner.

    The Rocketeer: Crimson Skies by Alex Griendling.

    Showcasing brand new work from dozens of incredible artists, the exhibit offers fans a glimpse at cult films that could have been, but likely never will.

    Blade Runner 2054 by Cory Schmitz.

    Well, never say never, right?

    Fight Club 2 by Kaz Oomori.

    The exhibit runs from November 13-23rd at iam8bit on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

    Willy Wonka & the Great Glass Elevator by Andy Fairhurst.

    If you're not in Los Angeles, art work will be available to purchase from the iam8bit website from November 13th.

    Pan’s Labyrinth: Fall of the Underworld by Odessa Sawyer.

    The Fountain: Wake by Inus Pretorius.

    Sleepy Hollow 2 by Andrew Bannecker.

    Hellboy 3: Anung Un Rama and the Right Hand of Doom by Orlando Arocena.

    Spaceballs III by Nikkolas Smith.

    Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League by Robert Sammelin.

    The Last Starfighter: Xur's Revenge by Doaly.

    Titanic 2 by Pavel Fuska.

    Visit iam8bit on Facebook and Twitter for more info.

    Barbarella 2 by Ashley Wood.

    H/T Flavorwire.

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