18 Chilling Photographs Of Abandoned Buildings Around Europe

    Eerie glimpses of urban decay, via Niki Feijen.

    Dutch photographer Niki Feijen travels the globe looking for abandoned buildings, photographing forgotten structures before they crumble and collapse.

    Niki doesn’t use any artificial light sources when exploring, but instead uses subtle HDR technique to capture the often dimly lit locations.

    Niki told BuzzFeed: "The fascination for abandoned places started when I was a kid. There was an old abandoned house with a factory close to my town."

    "I passed it a zillion times until finally I had the guts to have a peek inside. The adrenaline, the excitement. It was amazing."

    "Years and years later when I was photographing rally races and rock concerts I found out that there were people who photographed abandoned buildings."

    "Seeing these shots brought back memories and soon I was on my way to shoot my first location. That was almost a decade ago."

    "I think people love abandoned photography because you get lost in the photographs. Your imagination is running wild. What happened here, why was it abandoned?"

    "I rarely set anything up inside a location. Some people think I bring props or furniture with me. Trust me my backpack with camera gear is heavy enough!"

    "I don’t use any artificial light sources but use subtle HDR technique to capture the broad spectrum of natural light in the dim lit locations."

    "Some locations require minutes of exposure time to take the shot. Others require up to 9 different exposures to capture both the darkest and the brightest areas."

    "Most people love HDR but some hate it. It’s is just a matter of opinion and taste."

    "It’s hard to pick a favorite place but one that is very special was an abandoned hotel in Germany. I visited it twice, during winter and during summer."

    "The place had partly been ravaged by a fire a few years ago and left the roof destroyed. Because of that the hotel was exposed to the elements."

    "As a result the rooms turned into scenes which could come from a Tim Burton movie."

    "I am a very down to earth guy and do not believe in ghosts or the paranormal."

    "However roaming around a former 5 star luxurious hotel I encountered so many strange things that I was really glad when I stood outside again."

    "Doors slamming shut, curtains moving and a lot of camera problems. Batteries completely drained while they were charged just hours before."

    Niki's new book Frozen will be officially released at the Berliner Liste art fair in Berlin this September. However as of this week pre-order is available here.

    For more of Niki's work visit his website. You can also find him on Facebook, and Instagram.