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    14 Tumblrs That Should Totally Be A Thing

    Seriously, you should start one of these.

    1. Hannibal & Will & Grace.

    GIFs from Hannibal with quotes from Will & Grace.

    2. Garfield Minus Garfield Plus Garfield.

    Images from Garfield Minus Garfield, with added Andrew Garfield. / Sony Pictures / BuzzFeed / Sony Pictures / BuzzFeed

    3. Kale Explains It All.

    In which Kale answers all your burning questions.

    Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed
    Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

    4. "Overheard at Oxford" Quotes As Daily Mail Headlines.

    Real things overheard at Oxford University on the cover of the Daily Mail.

    Daily Mail
    Daily Mail / BuzzFeed

    5. Pornhub Comments As Opening Lines On Tinder.

    Trying to get dates on Tinder using things men say about women on Pornhub.

    6. Humans of Dudley.

    Like Humans of New York. But, you know. In Dudley.

    Flickr: gforce / Creative Commons

    "I wear my visor sideways because people said I look like a duck with it on straight."

    "What would you do to improve Dudley?"

    "More visors."

    Flickr: gareth1953

    "What team do you support?"


    "What are you doing in Dudley?"

    "Got lost."

    7. Fuck Yeah! Frank Langella.

    Who's your favorite actor? Frank Langella? Of course it is.

    Universal Pictures
    Warner Bros.

    8. Only Farage and Horses.

    Pictures of the UKIP leader and "man of the people" Nigel Farage, with quotes from Peckham's favourite son.

    Christopher Furlong / Getty Images
    Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

    9. Every Aldi.

    There are 9,600 Aldi supermarkets in the world. Here are all of them.

    Flickr: fanofretail / Creative Commons
    Flickr: kecko / Creative Commons

    10. I'm With The Miliband.

    Classic rock covers improved by Ed Miliband.

    Parlophone Records / Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images / BuzzFeed
    RCA Records / Dan Kitwood / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    11. A Slice of Misery.

    Really sad people posing with pizza.

    12. The Poetry Of Yahoo! Answers.

    Terrible questions. Average poetry.

    Digital Vision / Thinkstock
    Lesyy / Thinkstock

    13. Hipster Coffee Signs

    Funny signs outside hipster coffee shops.

    14. Everyday Achievement Unlocked.

    X-Box Live achievements handed out for everyday things.

    You should start one of these. Let me know if you do!

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