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24 Things That Will Make Every Yorkshire Person Chuckle

An incredibly rough guide to God's Own Country.

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1. You'll know you've arrived when the motorway signs start talking proper.

Meanwhile, in Yorkshire, some sound advice.

2. And the road signs don't take themselves too seriously.

3. The local bobbies are reet keen, so try not to get pulled over.

We don't like to brag but we've just caught 4 suspects who've been on the run from a high security prison since 1972

4. You don't have to worry about yer safety in Yorkshire, we're very tough on crime up 'ere.

Only in #Yorkshire would this headline occur!


5. So be careful where you park yer sen.

This can only happen in Yorkshire.. @m1897

6. Once yer settled, why not take a stroll and see our famous swimming cows.

7. Or sit yer sen down on one of our many comfy benches.

Only in Yorkshire #grass #coach #yorkshire

8. Enjoy the local cuisine.

Yorkshire pudding burger.. How I love Leeds ❤️


9. And dunt forget yer pudding.

Only in Yorkshire...parkin ice cream #yummy thank you @Northern_Bloc

10. In Yorkshire, you'll always know when it's time to order a new pint.

Only in #Yorkshire do we have a "re-order line" on our pint glasses Enjoy a #perfectpint this #Friday

11. And if you don't fancy staying out, get your next one to go.

Carry out from the pub. Only in Yorkshire! #countrylife

12. While driving around, be respectful of all road users.

Only in Yorkshire does a goose cause a jam on the road #OnlyInYorkshire #YorkshireProblems


13. You dunt want to end up in a toad rage incident.

14. Why not take one of our fabulous border collie quad bike tours, where your very own four-legged guide will show you the sights.

Only in Yorkshire! Sheepdog outrider ahead of #TourdeYorkshire on Cote de #Rosedale #Yorkshire! #TdY @Welcome2Yorks

15. Make sure you wave to the locals.

16. And keep your eyes peeled for traffic updates.

Made me chuckle 😉 Only in Yorkshire


17. Why not stop for a snack at one of our many fancy restaurants?

18. Or take in a bit of local culture.

19. Or even meet one of our local celebrities.

Happy Yorkshire Day! Meanwhile in Hull...

20. And remember, in Yorkshire, where there's smoke, there in't always fire.

#ThrowbackThursday this one still make me smile - only in Yorkshire #Huddersfield


21. Take advantage of our many fine local businesses, which cater for every need.

Only in Leeds .... @Insolidavity @rbedfordunite @ListerRossy @sparksyred @si1974simon @RedJohnny74

22. And won't try and fleece you with complicated jargon.

Me Local garage in Yorkshire ? I only wanted MOT & ended up having a Klick Thud Ping.?

23. If you've forgotten where you parked, the friendly attendants should be able to help.

:-) RT @carolinemccann: Poor lass didn't know where she should park #OnlyInYorkshire #yorkshire_dales @Welcome2Yorks

24. And finally, don't leave without yer goodie bag!

Meanwhile here in Yorkshire #Bluehand launch their new marketing campaign.