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27 Things You Should Never Do In London

Eyes down, keep walking. An indispensable travel guide.

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1. Stand to the left on an escalator.

BBC / Via

Everyone else is doing it for a reason. That reason is not "for giggles".

2. Make eye contact.

Warner Bros. / Via

You may look at your phone or the floor. Whatever you do, don't look up.

3. Smile.

NBC / Via

Smiling is for simpletons and psychopaths.

4. Tell people to smile.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment / Via

Because no.

5. Start a conversation.

Paramount Pictures / Via

This is not a networking opportunity. This is a get out of the way opportunity.

6. Take pictures of people.

MGM / New Line Cinema / Via

Stick this in your slideshow.

7. Ask people to take a picture of you.

8. Ask for directions.

MGM / Via

We do know. We just don't have time for this.

9. Eat in public.

Girls HBO / Via

10. Eat on public transport.

Paramount Pictures / Via

11. Be unnecessarily loud in public.

Disney / Via

Never do anything that draws attention to yourself. Ever.

12. Have a phone conversation on public transport.

Trigger Happy TV / Absolutely Productions

Your ringtone should either be a polite cough or nothing.

13. Engage in public displays of affection.

Comedy Central / Via

Treat everyone with polite disdain. Even significant others.

14. Be a tourist.

Warner Bros. / Via Friends / NBC

"London, baby!" = Not a thing.

15. Be from London.

16. Mimic a Cockney accent.

Walt Disney / Via

Mimicry is the highest form of fuck off.

17. Read a broadsheet newspaper on the Tube.

18. Read the newspaper over someone's shoulder.

Warner Bros. / Via

19. Ask where the Queen lives.

BBC / Via

And no, we've never met her.

20. Insult the Queen.

Lions Gate / Via

21. Play your music so loud everyone can hear.


You have headphones in. We shouldn't be able to hear every sodding beat.

22. Put your bag on the seat next to you.

HBO / Via

Bags: Not people since forever.

23. Wear your backpack on the Tube.


The train is packed. Everyone hates you.

24. Drag a wheeled suitcase behind you.

Marvel Studios / Via

Seriously. Seriously. Carry your damn bag.

25. Walk too slowly.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

Or too quickly. Or, just. Stay off the pavement, OK?

26. Stop in the middle of the pavement.

Warner Home Video / Via

Don't ever stop moving. Ever.

27. Insult London.


This is our city. You keep your mouth shut.

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