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Here's Why People Are Upset At Amazon's New Seattle Bookstore

"Amazon just convinced us to divorce our wife then married her."

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Ah, the '90s, a simpler time. Phones were dumb, oil was cheap, and bookstores thrived.

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I mean, small indies still had to compete with national chains, but it was a bricks-and-mortar war.


Bookstores closed. Some were national chains, like Borders. Many hundreds were small independent shops that couldn't afford to operate at a loss.

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In the UK, 33% of independent bookstores have closed in the past decade, while in the US there has been an increase in independent bookshops in recent years but hundreds of Borders and Barnes & Noble locations have shut down.

Cut to October 2015, and Amazon just opened its first physical bookstore, in Seattle.

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The books featured in the store are algorithmically based on bestsellers from the website.

Suffice to say, book lovers had feelings about this.

still thinking of the demonic gall required by amazon to open up their own bookstore after destroying so many....truly amazing


So Amazon are opening a bookshop (which is sure to turn into a chain), Jeff Bezos having said for years that bookshops are redundant.

Strikes me that the most likely reason for Amazon opening a bookshop is there's some aspect of consumer behaviour they need to research IRL.

I work in a fantastic independent bookshop in Seattle and Amazon's new store will cause a lot of problems for bookstores in the area

Of course, there were also jokes.

Amazon just convinced us to divorce our wife and then married her. #AmazonBooks


Amazon is opening an actual bookstore here in Seattle tomorrow. I wonder how long it'll be before they drive themselves out of business. :)

Reward for the 1st person who takes a photo of themselves buying from an indie bookstore on their phone while standing in an Amazon Books.

Breaking: 1000s of indie bookstores to offer streaming video, server farms and good deals on toaster ovens. #AmazonBookstore

"I have an idea. Netflix, but an actual store where you go rent the movies!" -The genius who built the #AmazonBooks store

#AmazonBooks: "It's data with heart."

There's only one Amazon Books location – for now, at least. Which means now is a great time to support your local bookshop.

You know, Amazon creating a real bookshop is cool. But not as cool as independent bookshops. Mine is @Biggreenbooks. Support yours