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    16 Super Useful Apps Every Commuter Needs

    Your commute sucks. There's an app for that.

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    1. Citymapper.


    For iOS and Android: Citymapper shows you all your transport options between two points, by bus, train, taxi, bike or on foot, or a combination of those.

    The app currently works in London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Boston, Washington DC, Barcelona, and Madrid. More cities will be added soon. (Free)

    2. Tube Exits.


    For iOS only: Tube Exits ensures you get on the tube carriage closest to the exit when you leave the train. Works for journeys with multiple changes and allows you to save favourite journeys. Includes a handy tube map. (£0.69)

    Android: Try First off the Tube (not tested).

    3. Digg.


    For iOS and Android: Digg employs a team of editors to find the best stories in news, politics, entertainment, and culture.

    The curated content is always high quality and the app is simple to navigate and easy to read - it even has a built in text optimizer and a read later function. (Free)

    4. Mikey Hooks.

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    For iOS and Android: The sequel to equally fun Mikey Shorts, this side-scrolling platform game puts a much needed injection of classic arcade nostalgia into your commute. Just don't miss your stop. (£0.49)

    5. The Atavist.


    For iOS and Android: The Atavist publish a new original long form non-fiction story every month (from 5,000 to 30,000 words), each enhanced with video, audio, interactive graphics, and more, pushing the boundaries of multimedia storytelling.

    Stories are available to buy through the app individually, or via an annual subscription.

    6. Spotify.


    For iOS and Android: Spotify recently updated their mobile app with excellent curated playlists, meaning they now play DJ to your journey, mood, or occasion. (Free)

    7. Commuter.

    For iOS: Commuter combines live travel data for UK National Rail services with Tfl London Underground, London Overground, and Docklands Light Rail (DLR), giving you realtime route monitoring across the UK. (Free)

    8. Dubbledecker.

    For iOS: Dubbledecker is a live bus arrivals app with access to real-time bus arrival times and nearby bus stops in London. (£0.69)

    Android: Try Bus Times UK (untested).

    9. Evernote.

    For iOS and Android: Evernote saves all of your notes, web clips, files, voice memos and images and makes them available across all your devices and computers. It can even scan post-it notes and business cards.

    Perfect for taking notes or scheduling reminders while you're on the move. (Free)

    10. Smash Hit.

    Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed

    For iOS and Android: A never ending maze where firing ball bearings at crystals earns you more shots. Run out, and it's game over.

    The further you get, the faster you go and the harder the obstacles get. (Free)

    11. National Rail.


    For iOS and Android: The National Rail Enquiries app features journey planning and ticking, live train departure and arrival information for all GB rail stations, alerts for delays & cancellations and track disruption information. (Free)

    12. Reeder 2.


    For iOS: Reeder 2 is an RSS news reader for Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Fever and Readability. The app features customisation options to suit every reader, including a night mode. (£2.99)

    Android: Try Press (untested).

    13. Podcasts.


    For iOS: The Apple Podcasts app is not the best on the market (try Instacast if you're podcast pro), but this is a great intro to the medium for beginners.

    With thousands of podcasts covering a wide range of topics, they are a great way to enrich your commute. Here are some podcasts you might want to try. (Free)

    Android: Try Pocket Casts.

    14. Commute Greener.

    For iOS and Android: Commute Greener lets you track your personal carbon footprint and suggests ways to lower your impact on the environment, leading to a healthier you and a healthier planet. (Free)

    15. Walkit.


    For iOS and Android: The ultimate app for those who prefer to push the pavement on foot, with turn by turn navigation and user-submitted leisure walks for 60+ towns and cities in England and Scotland. (£1.99)

    16. VVVVVV.

    Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed

    For iOS and Android: VVVVVV is a retro-styled side-scroller which lets you pass obstacles by reversing gravity.

    Massively difficult, but you'll be so engrossed your journey will fly by. (£1.99)

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