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    101 Entirely Plausible Plots For "Serial" Season 2

    Season 2 of Serial is officially happening. Here are some ideas.

    Hit play.

    1. Is it pronounced "scone" or "scone".

    2. What's the deal with Eric Stoltz.

    3. The case against pants.

    4. Can't find my keys.

    5. Bill Posters: Innocent man?

    6. Rhode Island: Neither a road, nor an island. We investigate.

    7. Interstellar: Was it actually good though.

    8. Does my butt look big in this?

    9. How many cooks are too many?

    10. Tomato: Fruit or evil.

    11. Peter Piper: Pickle fucker.

    12. Yes I'm drinking, but am I drunk.

    13. Did my parents ever really love me Y/N.

    14. Do you work in an open office: Why everyone there hates you.

    15. We explain exactly how long to stare at the floor before you have to look up to greet a colleague.

    16. Yes but *are* we there yet.

    17. There's an "I" in "Team" and we'll show you where by Episode 12.

    18. Theory: The chicken was coerced into crossing the road.

    19. Beyoncé or Solange.

    20. Marmite.

    21. How even do you have to be before you cannot even.

    22. An audio re-enactment of My Cousin Vinny.

    23. An audio re-enactment of My Cousin Vinny with the Karate Kid and if you donate an extra $10 we can get Joe Pesci.

    24. An audio re-enactment of My Cousin Vinny through the soothing sounds of the melodica, as played by Marisa Tomei.

    25. The Crab Crib Uncut.

    26. John Cusack's late career choices.

    27. Does it count as shower if I go out in the rain.

    28. Just recapping episodes of The X Factor like everyone else.

    29. Hummus.

    30. All episodes of the Golden Girls narrated by John Waters.

    31. TV Remotes: The fuck are all these buttons for.

    32. We call a bunch of prisoners and ask them what an Ariana Grande is.

    33. Milk first or tea bag first: Why you're both wrong.

    34. Tribbles: How much trouble are they really.

    35. 10 hours of someone who really hates fruit punching a bunch of fruit.

    36. It's about ethics in games journalism.

    37. iPhone or Galaxy? Two guys we found at Burger King weigh in.

    38. God fucking dammit, Larry.

    39. Chad Michael Murray: My three-name hell.

    40. Mitt Romney's binders.

    41. You'll never believe the secret behind that one weird trick.

    42. Let's put "Ed Sheeran" in the title because then everyone will tune in.

    43. An audio re-enactment of My Cousin Vinny with Ed Sheeran doing all the parts.

    44. All the episodes of the Golden Girls narrated by John Waters and Ed Sheeran.

    45. Ed Sheeran and Eric Stoltz on the late career of John Cusack.

    46. Which direction is the direction in which One Direction are travelling.

    47. Is it a snicket or a ginnel.

    48. How many 'A's are there in yaaaaas.

    49. The sound of a man being hit in the crotch with a football.

    50. Smarf.

    51. Is this a pimple or a boil.

    52. It was a gummy bear.

    53. Charles Dance reading out YouTube comments.

    54. Charles Dance reading out the comments on this article.

    55. Charles Dance gets drunk and tell it like it is.

    56. We visit an old people's home and ask them to guess what "turnt" means.

    57. We took mescaline and hung out with Jaden Smith.

    58. We realise our real eyes are the real lies.

    59. Turtle necks: Just for creepy people?

    60. We phone random numbers and ask for Mr Butz, first name Seymour.

    61. Serial 2: Electric Bugaloo.

    62. Serial 2: The legend of Curly's gold.

    63. Serial 2: Serial Harder.

    64. Just the audio of a man being swallowed by a snake.

    65. That 1000x slower version of the Jurassic Park theme. People will love that shit.

    66. Gary Busey.

    67. Gary Busey, Charles Dance, and John Waters walk into a bar. Only one can leave.

    68. Gary Busey does the entirety of Shakepeare's Coriolanus in the style of Joe Pesci from My Cousin Vinny.

    69. The Serial theme song as interpreted by Skrillex.

    70. Shingy.

    71. Jaffa Cake: Cake, biscuit, or vegetable.

    72. We find a pizza guilty... of being delicious.

    73. An audio re-enactment of 12 Angry Men, but with baby goats.

    74. The CGI penguin from the John Lewis christmas ad: Broke, drunk, and living in a Premier Inn.

    75. What's the deal with Ian Beale.

    76. The case against sobriety.

    77. Land war in Asia: A classic blunder.

    78. An in-depth analysis of the word inconceivable.

    79. Words you keep using that don't mean what you think they mean.

    80. Are we out of the woods yet?

    81. Are we out of the woods yet?

    82. Are we out of the woods yet?

    83. Are we out of the woods?

    84. Are we in the clear yet?

    85. How do I get this song out of my head.

    86. How Taylor Swift's 1989 proves the US government was behind 9/11.

    86. It's pronounced "GIF".

    87. Sarah hires a dialect coach for the kid who can't pronounce "MailChimp".

    88. 12 hours of Sarah worrying about finding a good story for Serial Season 2.

    89. 12 hours of Matt Damon doing his Matthew McConaughey impression.

    90. Plot twist: It was Matthew McConaughey all along.

    91. Debunking the theory "I get older, they stay the same age" with simple physics.

    92. A 5-year old explains the economic theories of Thomas Pikkety.

    93. A 5-year old explains the late career choices of John Cusack.

    94. Busey talks Busey.

    95. Hair tutorials with David Lynch.

    96. What the fuck is a podcast.

    97. Ross Kemp starts a land war in Asia.

    98. David Cameron: My dish-face hell.

    99. What's Marty Pellow up to.

    100. A minute-by-minute recap of Serial Season 1.

    101. Werner Herzog reads this list.