Someone Asked Reddit To Explain “Kafkaesque” And The Response Was Genius

They should’ve just asked r/books.

1. This is 20th-century author Franz Kafka.

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Much of his work, such as the novels The Metamorphosis and The Trial, explores surreal situations and themes of alienation, nightmarish bureaucracies, physical and psychological brutality, and mystical transformation.

The term “Kafkaesque” is named for him, but what does it really mean?

2. A Reddit user named slackerattacker tried to find out.

The comment was posted in r/books, Reddit’s home for book news, chat, and help.

3. The response, by copy_1_2_3, was pure genius.

4. Other helpful redditors took her lead.

5. And everything got very Kafkaesque, very quickly.

7. Some were confused.

8. Others got it eventually.

9. But poor slackerattacker was not one of them.

10. Did you get it yet?

11. If not you should totally ask “r/books”.

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Dan Dalton is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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