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    24 Reasons Christmas In Yorkshire Ruins You For Life

    Walking in a winter wonderland.

    1. Because there is no more beautiful setting.

    2. Because a White Christmas is always a possibility.

    3. And the whole county looks like a Christmas card.

    4. Because our Christmas trees are works of art, like this one in Leeds.

    5. And this one in Sheffield.

    6. Because Yorkshire folk embrace the Christmas spirit.

    7. Because everyone's invited.

    8. Which means you'll never get an icy reception, no matter how cold it gets.

    9. Because York Minster is never as grand as at Christmas.

    10. Even when you can barely see it for snow.

    11. Because the Christmas markets in Leeds are a feast for the senses.

    12. And the Christmas Markets in York are like stepping back in time.

    Oli Scarff / Getty Images

    13. Because there's no place more magical.

    14. Because it's our own winter wonderland.

    15. Because there's Christmas wonder everywhere you look.

    16. And even the reindeer are better in Yorkshire.

    17. Because an afternoon stroll looks like this.

    18. And walking off the Christmas dinner looks like this.

    19. Because we turn Grand Depart fever into Christmas cheer.

    20. Because there's never a Christmas tree too big for the occasion.

    21. Because Yorkshire is where all our Christmas memories lie.

    Oli Scarff / Getty Images

    22. Because Christmas dinner is always better in Yorkshire.

    23. Because there's nothing like waking up on Christmas morning in Yorkshire.

    24. Because living in Yorkshire is really the best Christmas gift you can get.

    Mark Sayer / Getty Images

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