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    14 Totally Excellent Life Lessons We All Learned From Bill & Ted

    Twenty-six years ago, we were brought forth upon a most excellent adventure. It had much to teach us.

    1. Do what you love.


    No matter how much you may suck at it.

    2. School is fully important.


    You might not get sent to Oates Military Academy for flunking history, but you might end up at the proverbial Oates Military Academy, and nobody wants that.

    3. Pay attention to the world around you.


    Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss a traveller from the future materialising outside your favourite store in a phone booth.

    4. Be open to adventure.


    If future George Carlin offers you a time-travelling adventure, you absolutely go with him, no questions asked. This doesn't mean you should get in cars with strangers, kids. Time-travelling phone booths only...

    5. Find your own philosophy in life.


    Even if that philosophy is Kansas lyrics.

    6. Real bros hug it out.


    Don't be afraid to bring your boy in for a sweet embrace.

    7. It’s always a good time for air guitar.


    Solo like nobody's watching.

    8. Don't be a dick.


    Even if you're a short dead dude.

    9. Be excited about the little things.


    Expressing your excitement is totally excellent. Haters gonna hate.

    10. PowerPoint is for suckers.


    If you didn't get a cast of characters from history to present your annual earnings report, then you're doing it wrong, dickweed.

    11. Treat yo'self.


    If it's good enough for "the very excellent barbarian" Genghis Khan, it's good enough for you. In the words of Ted:

    "This is a dude who 700 years ago ago totally ravished China. And whom we are told, two hours ago, totally ravished Oshman's Sporting Goods."

    12. Be excellent to each other.


    The most universal message of our time.

    13. And party on, dudes.


    You don't have to go to clubs or bars, concerts or otherwise; a party can be anything you want it to be. The party lives in you. Party on.

    14. And finally...



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