Author Rainbow Rowell Has Written A "Harry Potter" Story Where Harry Marries Draco

An unpublished 30,000 word novella focusing on “Drarry”. H/t The Bookseller.

1. Rainbow Rowell is an American author, most famous for her breakout Young Adult novel, Eleanor & Park.

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2. In an interview with The Bookseller, Rowell revealed she began writing Harry Potter fan fiction after becoming “kind of depressed” between books.

3. The novella, which Rowell has never published online, focuses on Harry and Draco, or “Drarry”, a popular romantic pairing in Harry Potter fan fiction.

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4. Rowell told The Bookseller. “It’s Harry and Draco as a couple who have been married for many years, and they’re raising Harry’s kids.”

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She added that Ginny was still involved with the kids and had “not been vilified”.

5. “It’s them dealing with attachment parenting and step-parents and all these middle-aged issues of what it means to be a step-parent.”

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6. “Someday I’ll meet J. K. Rowling and I’ll be mortified. If our paths were ever to cross, I don’t want this to come up.”

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7. She will read an extract from the story when she appears at LeakyCon in Florida later this month.

Read the full story at The Bookseller.

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