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57 Reasons Living In Yorkshire Ruins You For Life

There's nowt like it.

1. Because you can stand on Ilkley Moor of an evening and be greeted by this.

2. Because playing in the woods makes Yorkshire the best place to be a kid.

3. Because you're never far from a friendly face.

4. Because we love a good dirty name for a village.

5. Because we love a good dirty name for a street.

6. Because the Yorkshire terrier is never quite as cute as in its natural habitat.

7. Because we understand the work/life balance.

8. Because York Minster is Europe's largest gothic cathedral.

9. Because the interior of York Minster is the only thing more epic than the exterior.

10. Because the landscape itself is one of the finest sculptures at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

11. Because the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield is itself a work of art.

12. Because you can still ride a steam train across our majestic viaducts.

13. Because you miss the viaducts when you go to places that aren't blessed enough to have them.

14. Because even the drama is never too dramatic.

15. Because the Victoria Quarter in Leeds is the finest Victorian shopping arcade in the country.

16. Because music is a part of our fabric, and you're never shy of a gig to attend.

Flickr: 24365773@N03

Regina Spektor at the O2 Academy, Leeds.

17. Because some of the buildings on the Shambles in York date back to the 14th century.

18. Because you can revisit Brideshead as often as you want at Castle Howard.

19. Because even our ruins are better than the buildings in other places.

Flickr: gardnose

Fountains Abbey, Ripon.

20. Because our waterfalls aren't the highest in the world, but that's more than fine by us.

21. Because tea is a way of life.

22. Because the fish and chips are served just right.

Flickr: katy_bird

Bread and butter, mushy peas, bits, pot of curry sauce, good to go.

23. Because our West Indian Carnival is the best street party for miles around.

24. Because we know how to throw a festival.

25. Because the party we threw for the 2014 Tour de France Grand Départ from Yorkshire was best they've had in decades.

AP Photo/Laurent Cipriani

26. Because folk don't take things too seriously.

27. Because we build proper walls without cement.

28. Because our pavements are 12,000 years old.

29. Because the cobbled streets just feel like home.

30. Because instead of taking up more space, we build houses on top of our houses.

31. Because views like this are only ever moments away.

32. Because Yorkshire gets even more beautiful when it snows.

33. Because you can spend the day with deer friends at the Studley Royal Deer Park.

34. Because there is an entire festival dedicated to Scarecrows in Kettlewell.

35. Because we have castles in the clouds.

36. Because we're a strong-willed bunch.

Flickr: v4idas

Stott Hall Farm, aka the Little House on the Prairie, resides between the east and westbound carriages of the M62.

37. Because there's nothing quite like a summer's day at the Yorkshire seaside.

38. Because ice cream on Whitby Beach is a rite of passage.

Getty Images / Andy Parker

39. Because summer nights on our beaches are just as glorious.

40. Because you can catch world-class cricket at Headingley.

41. And world-class snooker at the Crucible.

42. Because you can take off your disguise and be yourself at Whitby Goth Weekend.

43. Because even the buildings dress up for the occasion.

Getty Images / Martin Grimes

44. Because views like this in Knaresborough can transport you to another world. A Yorkshire world.

45. Because the ceiling at Saint Mary's Church at Studley Royal is its own religious experience.

46. Because the Winter Gardens in Sheffield bring the tropics to us.

47. Because we embrace pride in all its forms.

48. Because the ale just tastes better. Perhaps it's our water.

49. Because the Yorkshire pudding is never quite right anywhere else.

50. Because the colour of the heath still takes your breath away.

51. Because we're the biggest county in England.

52. Because there is too much beauty to mention.

53. Because there is always somewhere new to visit, something else to take your breath away.

54. Because after all this I probably still haven't mentioned your favourite thing about Yorkshire.

55. Because Yorkshire is full of magic.

56. Because Yorkshire makes you feel on top of the world.

57. And because, at the end of the day, there's nowhere quite like Yorkshire.

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