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16 Summer Camp Counselors On Their Worst Campers

We asked Facebook for (anonymous) stories of kids behaving badly at summer camp. Kids poop in the funniest places.

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One kid woke up in the middle of the night, shit on the floor in the tent, in a circle right around the pole, and went back to sleep like nothing happened. I woke up to hear one of the kids complaining "it smells so bad in here!"
I had a camper who stole 4 tubs of glitter from arts and crafts and decided to pixie dust everyone while they were asleep in their beds in the middle of the night. Glitter is the herpes of crafts; it never goes away.
Some campers used ice pops from dinner to "freeze" a friend's ear before piercing the cartilage with another camper's earring.
A kid was sick in his sleeping bag at the start of the week and just slept in it the whole time until someone noticed the smell a few days later.
The first day I was playing a name game with a group of teenage girls, they had to say their name and their favorite food. One girl said her name, then proudly announced her favorite food was "scrotum".
Some campers stole a girl's towel while she showered. Her tent was located up the hill. She streaked the entire camp to get back to her tent, and she wasn't in a hurry.
One of my campers took a shit in the shower at 3am because there was no toilet paper in the stalls.