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A 17-Year-Old Created This Insanely Detailed "Map Of Stereotypes"

No offence, but this is brilliant. Via Martin Vargic.

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Crazy-talented 17-year-old Slovakian artist Martin Vargic has an entire book of maps out now, which features this, the "Map of Stereotypes."

Martin Vargic / Penguin

You might remember Vargic from such other cartographical wonders as the Map of Literature and the Map of the Internet.

Vargic told BuzzFeed: "The Map of Stereotypes is based on a normal world map I did, which took around three months to make."

"The first version Map of Stereotypes, released in 2014, took around six more weeks to finish. The second, much more extensive 2.0 version was made specially for the book. It took two additional weeks and contains more than 5,000 original labels."


"I gathered the data from a wide variety of sources; many were gathered from TV tropes and online forums."

Martin Vargic / Penguin

"In addition to English, I also searched for them in German and Spanish. To add to that, I interviewed about a dozen of my friends and family members about the various national stereotypes they knew."

"Most stereotypes about foreign countries are negative, but positive ones can be found, such as 'Japanese and Koreans are all very smart', 'the French are very romantic', and 'all Canadians are polite.'"

"I am sure there were people who took offence at the map and misunderstood its main purpose. However, the online response was generally much more positive than I originally expected."

Martin Vargic / Penguin

The book contains a pull-out version of the Map of Stereotypes.