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23 Things Only Ambipetrous People Will Understand

Because the best people love both dogs AND cats.

1. Dogs are brilliant.

2. Cats too are brilliant.

3. Sometimes people are all “I hate cats”.

20th Century Fox

4. Some misguided souls say things like “I hate dogs”.

5. And these people are wrong.

So wrong.

6. Because when someone says ‘do you prefer cats or dogs?’

7. The only correct answer is 'YES!'

8. Dog people and cat people are missing out.

9. The only way to find true joy in life is to love both.

10. The only way to live is to be AmbiPETrous.

11. Sometimes you want a companion on long walks, and dogs are best at that.

12. Sometimes you want a pet that is self-sufficient, and cats are best at that.

13. Sometimes you just want company, and cuddles.

14. And both cats and dogs are GREAT at that.

15. But wait! There's more.

16. Ambipetrous people understand another truth.

17. That all pets are equally brilliant.

18. Rabbits? BRILLIANT.

19. Hamsters? BRILLIANT.

20. Owls? BRILLIANT.

21. All animals are brilliant.

22. Haters gonna hate.

23. But ambipetrous types don't have time for that negative bullshit.

So are you ambipetrous? Of course you are!

The furry creature eating the tiny burrito is a hamster. We previously suggested it was a gerbil. We were wrong. It's still cute though.

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