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    There Is Quite Literally A Bit Of England In New York City

    "I knew you were rubble when you walked in."

    This is Waterside Plaza in Manhattan, and it is quite literally a chunk of England.

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    Tom Scott, TV presenter and explainer of things you might not know, has the answer.

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    Spoiler: Turns out part of Manhattan is built out of bits of England – Bristol, to be exact – and there's a world war to thank for it.

    As Scott explains: “In World War II, American supply ships went to Bristol, found that it was almost completely bombed out, and, well, they needed something to weigh them down on their way back across the Atlantic.”

    Flickr: brizzlebornandbred

    "So they literally took the rubble, the stone, the brick of bombed-out Bristol, loaded it on to their ships, took it back [to New York], and then just dumped it in the East River."

    “This development here, and for a few streets either way, is literally built on the rubble of Bristol.”

    Flickr: pangolinone

    Thanks, Tom!

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