Here Is Everything Jessica Jones Drinks In "Jessica Jones"

    No spoilers. No single malt, either.

    Episode 1: Teacher's/Cutty Sark

    Jessica Jones loves a blended Scotch (she doesn't go near a single malt, her loss), and both appear several times during the series.

    Jim Beam

    Before she goes on stakeout, Jess fills her flask with Jim Beam, the first of her many encounters with Kentucky bourbon.

    Unknown (possibly Hudson Manhattan Rye)

    Small round bottle with a black wax top, I'm 75% on this. Also, don't listen to Jess here, the Manhattan Rye is a fine whiskey and makes an excellent Old-Fashioned. Much too good to drink on the street.

    Maker's Mark

    Inside the bar, Jessica gets served her second Kentucky bourbon of the series, along with a chaser of sexism from Luke Cage.

    Episode 2: Cutty Sark/Old Grand-Dad

    More blended Scotch, and the third of JJ's many Kentucky bourbons. *Runs Kickstarter to buy Jessica Jones a good bottle of bourbon*

    Episode 3: Wild Turkey 101

    Jess's third Kentucky bourbon would almost definitely not be the cheapest one the deli had, if New York delis were in fact licensed to sell liquor, which they aren't. Oops. She's mixing it with a Rock Star Energy Drink because that's how few fucks she gives about your concerns with the inaccurate portrayal of licensing laws in the state of New York.

    Episode 4: Wild Turkey 101

    Heaven Hill

    ...and makes her way on to her third Kentucky bourbon.

    Episode 5: Windsor

    When Jess tips the bottle back you can make out the label of another blended brand, this time an imported Windsor Supreme Canadian Whisky.

    Four Roses Yellow Label/Teacher's/Old Grand-Dad/Heaven Hill

    There is clearly a bottle of Teacher's in the background, and I'm pretty certain there is an bottle of Old Grand-Dad behind that. It's a guess, but the whiskey in the foreground might be a bottle of Four Roses. The fourth, a white label with metallic trim and patterned glass neck, is possibly the Heaven Hill from Episode 4.

    Episode 6: Old Grand-Dad

    Wheat thins and whiskey, a classic combo.

    Episode 7: Teacher's

    Maker's Mark

    ...and I'm pretty sure that's an in-progress bottle of Maker's Mark on the kitchen table.

    Episode 8: Red wine

    Tincup American Whiskey

    Thankfully Trish comes to her rescue with a bottle of Tincup. Good ol' Trish.

    Amstel Light

    Episode 9: Windsor/Winston

    This is clearly the design of Windsor Supreme Canadian Whisky, but it says "Winston", which isn't a real brand. Why so? Well, it might be an homage to the cover of Iron Man issue #138 – the classic "Demon In A Bottle" story line – in which Tony battles alcohol addiction. The cover illustration also apes the Windsor design, but substitutes Winston on the label. Lovely touch, Netflix/Marvel. Many thanks to Rob London in the comments for that one.

    Episode 10: Unknown


    Heaven Hill

    Extra Zitnia Vodka

    Guess Jessica was Jonesing for some vodka. Thanks to Naku Ankka in the comments for identifying the label.

    Negra Modelo

    Looks like JJ picked up a cerveza chaser when she bought the Teacher's – a Negra Modelo Mexican beer. There also appear to be a couple of empty wine bottles on the counter top.

    Four Roses Yellow Label

    That's an empty Four Roses Yellow Label bourbon, possibly the same bottle from Episode 5.

    Episode 11: Winston

    More Winston. Really love this recurring reference.

    Episode 12: Wild Fowl

    Episode 13: Winston

    Jessica's favourite drinks: Teacher's and Winston.

    With four appearances each, Teacher's (real) blended Scotch and Winston (MCU-only) blended whisky are Jessica's drinks of choice. The next most drunk was Old Grand-dad Kentucky bourbon, with three appearances.

    Disclaimer: Jessica Jones is clearly a functioning alcoholic, and is also an enhanced human, which may heighten her alcohol tolerance. Obviously you shouldn't try to drink like Jessica Jones.