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24 Highly Realistic Plots For YA Novels

Because to save the world, you'd have to get out of bed. Via #VeryRealisticYA.

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Yesterday, Twitter user @ABoredAuthor started the hashtag #VeryRealisticYA to affectionately lampoon fantastical plots in Young Adult fiction.

Many Twitter users – including several well known YA authors – joined in the fun. Here are some of the best tweets:


Main character is chosen to take part in terrifying death match, has no secret skills except writing fanfic, dies first. #VeryRealisticYA


Senior in high school develops crush on gorgeous teacher. The teacher is married. Senior finds an age-appropriate date. #VeryRealisticYA


Girl politely declines to be the face of the revolution because it's junior year and she has too much homework. #VeryRealisticYA


Nerdy girl is paired in school project with bad boy. She does all the work and they never speak again. #VeryRealisticYA


There are only two out lesbians in the same school & they aren't each other's type at all. #VeryRealisticYA


Main character scrolls through Twitter for several hours. Literally nothing else happens. #VeryRealisticYA


On his 15th birthday, a young man smokes cigarettes and realizes no one really gets The Smiths the way he does. #VeryRealisticYA


Girl likes a boy. Never tells him. Nothing comes of it. A few months later, she likes a different boy anyway. #VeryRealisticYA


Main character sees herself in mirror; doesn't spend two minutes mentally highlighting specific features #VeryRealisticYA


A gifted teen's world is blown apart when she realizes just how much student debt she'll have once she's done with college. #VeryRealisticYA


Girl finds out boy from class has been sneaking into her room to "watch her sleep." She's terrified. Presses charges. #VeryRealisticYA


Girl crushes on "eyebrow piercing guy" she catches the bus with everyday. After 6 years, she never learns his real name. #VeryRealisticYA


Teens suspect crime has occurred. Inform parents and police and go back to being teens. #VeryRealisticYA


Girl is attracted to mysterious, brooding boy. Then breaks up with him when he's 28 & still waiting for his band to make it #VeryRealisticYA


Girl goes to school every day. Nothing happens to her. #VeryRealisticYA


Girl rejects boy's request. Boy joins the MRA and becomes the worst human being in the world. #VeryRealisticYA


Straight girl and straight boy are friends. There is no sexual tension. #VeryRealisticYA


She is a special, gifted child. She grows up full of self-loathing and impossible expectations. #VeryRealisticYA

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