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    Proof That "Dancing In The Street" Is The Greatest Music Video Ever Made

    It doesn't matter what you wear. Which explains a lot.

    David Bowie and Mick Jagger's 1985 cover of "Dancing in the Street" has the greatest video ever.

    Other people will tell you it's terrible. They're wrong. Let me explain.

    The song and video were recorded quickly for Live Aid during a gap in Bowie and Jagger's schedules.

    This video is the only thing whiter than those Reeboks.

    There was zero budget for the shoot, so they filmed in abandoned buildings in London Docklands.

    On an unrelated note, drug-use and silk shirts were rife in the mid-80s.

    Because if you are trying to start a dance revolution, what better place than an abandoned dockyard.

    The world was ready for a brand new beat. That shirt, not so much.

    Bowie, not to be outdone by Jagger's silk shirt/mullet combo, rocks up in a cheetah-print jumpsuit.

    And it is glorious.

    This video has everything.

    Sick stunts!

    Crane shots!

    Pretty sure this is just someone walking down some stairs with a camera.

    Erotic undertones!

    Intimate, but not as intimate as their rumoured love affair during the 70s.


    In the streets. Of the abandoned docks.

    Product placement!

    Life is shit. Have a Coke.

    That's not shade Mick is throwing. It's love.


    This doorway scene is famous for being choreographed by absolutely no one.

    You can't make this shit up. You have to let it happen.

    At this point it sounds like Bowie forgets his line.

    But not one cares because Bowie.

    Jagger gives a shout out to Detroit, home of Motown Records: "Don't forget the Motor City!"

    But we did forget. Shame on us.

    The song spent four weeks at the top of the UK charts in September and October 1985.

    And nearly 30 years at the top of our hearts.

    Beatles reference!

    Thus concludes the best doorway dance in music video history.

    Here is the exact moment that David Bowie invented dad dancing.


    If you look closely you'll notice Mick Jagger's waist actually tapers into infinity.

    His pants are held up through sheer willpower.

    Freestyle street-dance battle!

    Everything Step Up could have been, right here.

    White people!

    The fancy lights in the background are just a line of nicked Ford Escorts.

    The end.

    And that's how we ended communism in Europe.

    Here is the whole video.

    View this video on YouTube

    Go on, treat yourself.

    Or if you prefer it without the music.

    View this video on YouTube

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