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    27 Things You Know When You're The Only Vegan In The Village

    Marry me, hummus.

    1. You have grown weary of the constant vegan jokes.

    2. "What if you get trapped on a desert island."

    3. "Plants have feelings too but you still eat those."

    4. "Do you mind if I eat meat in front of you?"

    5. Everyone around you is an expert on nutrition.

    6. "Where do you get your protein fr..."

    7. People are constantly asking why you went vegan.

    8. And when you explain they get mad at your for "preaching".

    9. You have your own pans, plates, and cutlery to avoid any possible meat residue left by your parents/roommate.

    10. Strangers tell you about the time they went vegetarian for a couple of weeks.

    11. But that they gave it up because they "could NEVER stop eating bacon."

    12. Everyone assumes you eat this.

    Nikolay Trubnikov / Thinkstock

    13. But your diet mostly consists of these...

    Stacey Newman / Thinkstock

    14. And definitely a lot of these...

    15. Your relationship with hummus is next-level.

    16. You automatically refuse all hors d'oeuvres, buffet items, and birthday cakes.

    17. And you don't even bother trying to attend BBQs.

    "You can use the grill once we're done."

    18. Your friends always want to meet at restaurants where you can only eat the side salad.

    19. "There's only a little bit of meat in it. You won't notice."

    20. "But can't you just pick the cheese out."

    21. Your local supermarket only has a vegetarian section and all the fake meats contain egg.

    22. Luckily you are a boss at scanning food labels.

    23. When you visit towns with vegan restaurants you get overwhelmed and order everything from the menu.

    24. You get a bit annoyed when animals don't seem grateful for your life choices.

    25. You find the way vegans are portrayed in the media highly depressing.

    20th Century Fox

    26. You automatically fanboy/fangirl vegan entertainers and celebrities.

    27. And your greatest dream in life is to move to a city with other vegans because no matter how much you try you cannot fill the emptiness with hummus.

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