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49 Sad Boy Thoughts I Had Listening To The New Bon Iver Album

22, A Million sad thoughts.

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1. 22 (OVER S∞∞N)

1. It might be over soon. It might be over soon. It might be over soon. It might

2. This is gorgeous. Gospel loops and goosebumps

3. Is anything as pretty as London in the soft light of autumn

4. Her maybe. She still hasn’t text

5. This. I like this. It's completely un-Bon Iver and entirely Bon Iver all at once

2. 10 d E A T h b R E a s T ⚄ ⚄

6. Remember when Bon Iver made you sad with a guitar

7. Now he’s got a laptop. It's a curveball. A beautiful, heartbreaking curveball

8. What came first this band or my sad boy aesthetic

9. I think I need a dog

10. We had a dog once, when I was very young. She got hit by a car, died. We never got another

3. 715 - CRΣΣKS

11. Fuck this is beautiful. Like Woods after a bottle of whisky

12. The kind of beautiful you never want to end but you know it will because this isn't a fairy tale and everything ends

13. Rain. It’s raining. Sun and rain at the same time

14. Whatever happened to those slow summer nights where it never got dark and we ran and ran and ran

15. I guess we all got old. I guess we all got tired

4. 33 “GOD”

16. Shit. I feel like the piano understands me. Like a lament for a loss that hasn't happened yet. A song from a heartbreak you'll have tomorrow, next week

17. I guess I’m not a good listener. To her, I mean

18. I'm great at listening to Bon Iver

19. I guess that’s what it boils down to

20. We’re all just bipedal anxiety transmitters unable to tune to each other’s frequencies

21. Maybe if I play this for her she’ll understand


5. 29 #Strafford APTS

22. Okay he broke out a guitar. Among the loops and the beats and the Messina this is as raw and as vulnerable as Bon Iver have ever been

23. Tears now

24. I wonder what she’s up to

25. I should send her the spotify link

26. Shit I bet this sounds great on limited edition 180gsm vinyl

6. 666 ʇ

27. This is when this album is best. When it's only Justin's voice and something simple layered behind it. The software splitting his voice into as many shards as your broken heart

28. When she used to smile at me I felt like I owned the world

29. Now all I own are sullen looks and memories

30. I wanna take away the pain like John Coffey in The Green Mile

31. Can you John Coffey yourself. Asking for a friend

7. 21 M♢♢N WATER

32. A breather. Finally. This as much as this album lets up. Even the breathers break you a little

33. The news is about Rosetta, the ESA spacecraft. It’s at the end of its usefulness and too far from home to return, so it is crashing itself into an asteroid today

34. Me

8. 8 (circle)

35. I wish I had a lighter. I would raise a lighter over my head and sway the shit out of it about now

36. It was good, wasn’t it. Better than good

37. Just two bodies floating around in space who crashed into each other for a while

38. Remember the nights we'd fight about nothing and the mornings when we'd make up. It was everything

39. I’ll be okay. We all float on alright

9. ____45_____

40. Is this a good time to say I don't like the trumpets. Sorry, I don't like the trumpets. I love everything else

41. I’ve been carved in fire

42. I’ve missed Bon Iver

43. How are you supposed to know how to feel if music doesn’t tell you

44. Oh no but this is jazz. Fuck

45. I’ve been carved in ire

10. 00000 Million

46. Back on trumpet-free track for the big finale. A piano and Justin and my feelings

47. What if we. What if we just

48. Let’s last the year

49. Maybe we just need to be kinder to each other

22, A Million by Bon Iver is out now.