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Here Are The Stunning New Illustrations For Neil Gaiman's “American Gods”

We spoke to artist Daniel Egnéus about his designs for Neil Gaiman's American Gods Quartet.

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Neil Gaiman's modern classic American Gods will soon be arriving on TV screens, and to celebrate, there's a new edition of the book with cover art and illustrations by Daniel Egnéus.

Also getting gorgeous new editions are the other books in the American Gods QuartetAnansi Boys, and two novellas, The Monarch of the Glen and Black Dog.

American Gods and Anansi Boys have new illustrations at the beginning of each chapter, while The Monarch of the Glen and Black Dog are illustrated throughout.


Egnéus told BuzzFeed: "I've always wanted to illustrate Neil's stories so I was very surprised and incredibly happy when Headline approached me."

"I saw this as an opportunity to add my perspective, to give it a visual darkness and attention to detail... a camera in the charnel house."

Black Dog & Monarch of the Glen.


"And the character Shadow, who is such a vague but great and deep character, I even felt I didn't need to make him look the same in all drawings."

The American Gods Quartet is out now in the UK.

For more of Daniel's work you can find him on Facebook and Twitter, or you can visit

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