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24 Incredibly Beautiful And Mesmerising Movie GIFs

Stunning cinemagraphs by Tech Noir.

Floris Kloet is a 32 year old GIF artist from The Netherlands. By day he’s a project leader at a Dutch media company. By night he makes these:

Kloet told BuzzFeed: "I started Tech Noir in the fall of 2011. I saw a gallery of cinemagraphs online and was totally mesmerized by them."

“I thought ‘I can totally do this’."

“I started with a couple of shots and it was several weeks before I had developed the technique for creating them.“

“In retrospect it was much harder than I thought it would be, but when I mastered the trick I was hooked.”

"With every new cinemagraph I learned new tricks and made progress."

“Now I am creating cinemagraphs I never even thought possible.”

"After I watch a movie there are usually a couple of shots that stay with me."

"I try to create cinemagraphs from these shots to make them last forever."

"This Looper cinemagraph is special because it took me two days to get it right and it works perfectly."

"Trainspotting is my most popular post by far. It went viral on Tumblr the minute I posted it nearly 3 years ago and it's still going strong."

"At first there was no reaction at all, but the more I created the more people started following my blog."

"That number has been increasing ever since. And now it's beginning to be a bit overwhelming!"

"At this point my blog is opening doors I never knew existed in the first place."

"All the compliments, mentions and followers give me a lot of self confidence and creative energy."

"I am very grateful for that."

To see more, follow Tech Noir on Tumblr.

You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.