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SCOTUS Upholds ObamaCare

Chief Justice John Roberts has sided with the Liberal Justices in practically upholding the largest tax increase in American history. He obviously cares more about his legacy than standing up for the American people, of which the majority opposes this dastardly and overreaching intrusion.

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This man who was appointed by George W. Bush as our Chief Justice, John Roberts, chose to side with the Liberal Justices in practically upholding the disastrous and overreaching ObamaCare legislation. In doing this, he has allowed Barack Obama to bask in the light of victory for disapproving of the mandate by allowing it to remain active as yet another tax against the American people. Roberts has essentially signed his approval for the largest tax hike in the history of this country. Shame on him, and now we must continue to keep our eyes pealed as to what House Republicans will do regarding this horrid mistake.
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