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    25 Valentine's Day Gifts That Are Perfect For An At-Home Date Night

    Valentine's Day might look a little different this year — here's how to make the most of it.

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    1. A box of fun conversation starters ranging from "What's your most embarrassing memory from junior high?" to "What would be the absolute perfect day?" You might just learn a thing or two about each other.

    2. A date night kit that will basically plan your night for you — seriously, it even has recommendations for your streaming service of choice!

    Date night kit opened to reveal contents

    3. An at-home wine and painting kit with easy step-by-step instructions — meaning you can keep the wine flowing and still end up with something presentable.

    Two easels and paint supplies on table with wine glasses

    4. A s'mores kit to make you feel like you're on a romantic camping adventure instead of hanging out on your living room floor. Bonus points if you build a cute pillow fort.

    S'mores kit opened to reveal contents

    5. A candle made of wax that turns into massage oil, because nothing is more romantic than candles and massages.

    6. A fancy charcuterie board that looks elegant enough to serve the finest cuts of meat and perfectly aged cheese — though we won't tell if you actually fill it with Lunchables.

    Reviewer photo of meats, cheeses, fruits and crackers placed on charcuterie board

    7. A TikTok-famous microwavable popcorn popper, in case you need something to snack on during your Netflix-and-chill session.

    Model demonstrating how to use microwavable popcorn popper

    8. Or a box stuffed with tons of snacks, so you'll basically have your own at-home concession stand.

    9. A picnic set so you can have a romantic candle-lit indoor picnic whether you're in the living room, backyard or on the balcony.

    Picnic set opened to reveal plates, wine glasses and utensils

    10. A comfy sherpa blanket — because the best part of an at-home date night is getting your snuggle on with no risk of being the annoying PDA couple.

    Sherpa throw placed on couch

    11. A customizable photo puzzle so you can piece together one of your favorite memories and reminisce on the times when not-at-home date nights were still a thing.

    Customized photo puzzle with pieces missing on the sides

    12. An escape room in a box — which might just bring out your competitive side if you make it a double-date night. This one can connect with your Amazon Echo Dot, so Alexa can be your host for the evening.

    13. Or an unsolved mystery game so you can finally put all those hours you've spent watching true crime documentaries to good use. It'll basically turn your home into a real life Clue board.

    14. A flight of eight different wines so you can bring the vineyard right to your kitchen. You can even book a complimentary virtual tasting so you can learn all about what you're enjoying while you swirl and sip.

    Product shot of eight mini bottles of wine on tie-dye background

    15. Or a customizable flight board so you can provide your own preferred wines — or maybe even discover a new favorite by blind buying four you've never tried before.

    Customizable wine flight with four wine glasses

    16. A 14-piece cocktail kit, because if you can't out go to the bar, bring the bar to you. It even comes with cocktail recipe cards so you won't have to waste any time looking up ideas online.

    Contents of cocktail kit on countertop

    17. An online cooking class with Sur La Table, because learning from your own kitchen sounds way less stressful than going in-person and being surrounded by other couples. You'll get a prep list with all the ingredients you'll need, then you can join the class and start whipping up your masterpiece.

    18. A fondue set so you can melt some gooey cheese or creamy chocolate and dip the night away.

    Reviewer photo of fondue poe with melted cheese and various meats, veggies, and bread

    19. A make your own truffles kit — because chocolate is everybody's love language.

    Contents of make-you-own truffle kit

    20. A virtual chocolate tasting experience so you can expand your knowledge of your favorite sweet treat. It comes with a 14-piece set of chocolates so you can follow along — just try not to devour them before the actual class.

    Heart-shaped box of chocolates next to laptop with virtual class on screen

    21. A set of pint glasses that give you new conversation prompts as you sip — meaning the answers will get more and more candid as you reach the last drop.

    Two conversation pint glasses filled with beer

    22. A candle making kit so you can craft your own personalized scent that you'll be burning long after date night is over. There's really no better way to say "I burn for you." 🔥

    23. A card game where you race to give and get the most compliments, which is really the definition of friendly competition.

    Flatter Me box and cards with various compliments

    24. A chocolate strawberry dipping kit so you can get a little creative with your favorite romantic treat.

    Model dipping strawberry in melted chocolate

    25. And a highly rated projector so you can get that movie theater experience without having to leave the house — and without anybody walking in front of the screen.

    Reviewer photo of projector placed on stack of books

    When the couch is the best date spot in town:

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