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26 Things For Your Yard That Don't Cost A Lot But Will Be Used Often

Every yard should have a special squirrel picnic table.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. Solar-powered mason jars that are basically screaming to be placed in the background of your next Instagram photo session. Bonus points if you're holding a drink in an actual mason jar.

2. A ridiculously chic planter pot so you can finally create the fancy home entryway of your dreams. It's even made with protective UV inhibitors to keep it looking shiny and vibrant all year long.

3. Or a 3D-printed geometric planter made from biodegradable plastic so you can make your yard environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

One white and one black 3D-printed planter without any plants inside

4. A garbage guard to stop your trash can from becoming the hottest hangout spot for flies and other pests. Now you can kick back in your yard without having to swat away a bug every five seconds.

5. A leaf blower so you can effortlessly whisk away all those piles of pesky leaves once autumn rolls around. Your rake is gonna be so jealous.

a model holding the leaf blower with an orange handle

6. A waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker, because there's nothing better than peacefully soaking up some sun while catching up with your latest terrifying true crime podcasts. Also, it's really time you stop using your phone's awful speaker — your ears deserve better.

the tube-like speaker in black

7. A set of yard dice with a handy dry-erase board so you can turn your lawn into the ultimate game of Yahtzee.

8. Globe string lights to turn your backyard into the ultimate hangout spot, because let's face it, string lights can transform any space into an Instagram-worthy moment.

the string lights in the back of someone's home

9. A standing weeder so you can effortlessly pull weeds and their roots out without killing your back and knees. Your chiropractor will be so proud of you.

10. An oversized outdoor blanket you'll want to spread out over your front lawn and wave to everyone as you enjoy a perfectly picturesque picnic.

a stack of patterned blankets in different colors with fringed edges

11. A portable grill so you can keep the festive barbecues going all year long even if you don't have tons of a space for a full-size grill. It has a quick-fold design so you can fold it, roll it, and store it once you're done whipping up some burgers.

the portable propane grill in red

12. A set of solar-powered LED lights with a unique bubble design to add a colorful touch to your backyard once the dreary late-fall weather rolls in.

13. A multipurpose BBQ tool that'll help you become a certified grill master in no time. This one device acts as a spatula, a set of tongs, and a scraper — so it'll basically never leave your side the next time you're whipping up a batch of burgers.

a model using the bbq gadget

14. An aesthetically pleasing wheel to keep your hose organized and tangle-free, which might just inspire you to water your lawn more often — but no promises.

a pretty, standing hose holder

15. A squirrel-proof bird feeder so you can treat your majestic flying friends to some much-deserved snacks while you kick back and enjoy yours.

a reviewer's photo of the vertical, elongated bird feeder in their yard

16. Light-up flowers that bring on all the Alice in Wonderland vibes and might just inspire you to throw your very own un-birthday party. Curiouser and curiouser indeed!

an array of light up flowers glowing at night

17. An outdoor patio set with a super comfy loveseat, two chairs, and a spacious table so you and the besties can get the most out of your newly upgraded backyard.

the wicker outdoor furniture set

18. A row of colorful flowerpots to add a charming country-chic touch to your rapidly growing collection of plants.

a row of colorful buckets with plants in them

19. A set of extendable s'mores sticks so you can roast up a perfectly toasted marshmallow without ever leaving your comfy seat. You can also use them for hot dogs if a sweet treat just isn't cutting it.

20. A dual-action hedge trimmer to help clean up those unruly bushes and get you one step closer to the "Lawn Of The Year" award — even if that award only exists in your heart.

a model holding the hedge trimmer while trimming bushes

21. A set of outdoor drink stakes so you can have a sturdy cup holder no matter where you are, because nothing ruins an outdoor hangout like accidentally knocking your beer over.

review pic of a bottle of beer in the drink stake

22. A bottle of Yard Odor Eliminator to help neutralize any pet odors that are ruining the vibe of your immaculate yard. It can be sprayed on grass, plants, shrubs, outdoor furniture, kennels, and basically anything else that needs a good freshening up.

a green bottle of yard odor eliminator

23. A solar-powered, motion sensor-activated lights so you can wave goodbye to relying on your phone's flashlight every time you step outside.

24. Pruning shears that make it so much easier to trim up your shrubs or shape up your garden. You'll feel like the impressive garden master you truly are.

pruning sheers with a red handle

25. An adjustable umbrella with solar-powered lights on the underside that'll basically make you feel like you're relaxing at a beachside restaurant instead of your own backyard.

26. And a picnic table so your friendly neighborhood squirrels can have a comfy place to get their snack on. You might have to start taking reservations.

So, can I come over and hang out in your backyard?