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    28 Things For Anyone Whose Pet Sheds A Lot....Like All Day, Every Day

    If only you could train a dog to use the vacuum.

    1. A pet hair remover that will pick up each and every stray hair your fur baby leaves in its wake. It's perfect for restoring your couch back to its former glory or making your car's seats look presentable again.

    2. A grooming glove so you can sneakily remove excess fur by simply petting them.

    Reviewer wearing grooming mitt filled with fur

    3. A daily supplement that uses the power of Norwegian anchovy oil, flaxseed oil, and biotin to help reduce excess shedding in as little as three to six weeks. It has a tail-waggingly delicious chicken taste, so your pup won't even realize it's healthy.

    Model putting spoonful of Shed-X in dog bowl

    4. A giant lint roller on a stick to quickly become any pet owner's new best friend. The handle makes it possible to reach under furniture without bending down — though you'll probably be grossed out by all the hair it picks up.

    Model using lint roller on a stick in various spaces

    5. A magical waterless pet spray that'll refresh their coat and decrease shedding in between baths. Plus, it'll make their fur look silky enough for a shampoo commercial.

    6. A broom for pet (and human!) hair so you can rake up everything that your vacuum can't reach. You'll be so shook when you see all the fur that's hiding out in your area rugs that you might just add to the over 51,000 5-star ratings.

    Reviewer's pile of hair and dust collected from carpet after using the broom device

    7. An ergonomic brush that will get all the tangles out of your pet's fur, and it even has a helpful button that'll release all the trapped hair once you're done with your at-home grooming session.

    Model using brush on kitten

    8. A pack of Bounce dryer sheets with a special formula that repels pet hair and keeps your clothes looking smooth and wrinkle-free. Think of all the money you'll save on lint rollers!

    Box of Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard

    9. The Fur-Zoff hair remover, which has a pretty convincing slogan — "It's not pretty, but it works!" It might look like some sort of strange pumice stone, but you'll be mesmerized by all the fur it picks up in just a few simple sweeps.

    10. A bestselling Bissell vacuum with a special deep-cleaning brush that'll reach all of the stubborn pet hair that somehow ends up covering every inch of your home.

    Model pushing Bissell pet vacuum

    11. A powerful yet super compact pet hair vacuum if you need a little extra help and have forgotten what your couch used to look like before your fluffball left mountains of fur all over it.

    12. Or a handheld dust buster with a motorized attachment specifically designed to pick up all the pet hair your normal handheld vacuum can't handle. You'll be cleaning every upholstered surface in sight.

    13. A unique hair and lint remover that'll pick up excess fur in a few swipes — and it even comes with a self-cleaning case that removes all the hair for you!

    14. A bath brush with silicone teeth to really work the shampoo in while giving your cat a gentle massage. It's also perfect to use as a de-shedding tool in between baths.

    a striped cat being brushed with a purple silicone brush that fits in the palm of a hand

    15. An oh-so-simple but oh-so-genius scraper tool that'll dig up mountains and mountains of fur from all of your area rugs. This is also basically a must-have to keep in your glove compartment.

    16. A handheld drying brush so your pooch can feel pampered and relaxed as you smooth out all those furry tangles and brush out any loose hairs. Just look at that GIF — that dog is living its best luxurious life and we love to see it.

    17. A stationary vacuum to automatically suck up any pet hair you sweep toward it. It's like the reliability of an old-school broom combined with the convenience of a robotic vacuum.

    18. A pair of fluffy slippers with microfiber mops on the soles so you can get some sweeping done while you make your way from the couch to the kitchen and back to the couch again.

    19. A super gentle and easy-to-use brush specifically designed for use on furniture so you can scrape off that layer of pet hair without ruining the upholstery. It's washable and reusable — and you can even use it directly on your pet!

    Model using Furrfighters brush on couch

    20. A uniquely designed angled broom that'll make you wonder how you've been living with the old-school version for so long. The dust pan is almost even more exciting: When you step on the back, it creates a seal to the floor so it won't slide all over the place. What a time to be alive.

    Model using Wisp cleaning set

    Promising review: "Love this! I have cats and the fur gets all over and makes cleaning with a broom a disgusting mess. With the built-in combs on the dustpan it's so easy to clean the broom. The dustpan gets flush to the floor so every bit of dirt gets in the pan. The telescoping broom handle allows me to adjust the broom to my height. The mini version is perfect for countertops. I would definitely buy this again and recommend it to others." —Barbara S.

    Get it from Amazon for $39.95.

    21. A pack of Burt's Bees dander-reducing wipes for the cool cats and kittens who really don't like taking baths. These will get rid of excess flaking and lightly condition their coats.

    an orange cat sitting next to a yellow pack of dander reducing wipes

    22. A super-portable and reusable pet hair remover to help you quickly wipe off all that pesky fur when you're on-the-go. You'll be so glad you have this when you're running late and realize your blazer is totally covered in cat hair.

    23. A cleaning putty so you can get the hair out of every nook and cranny in your home — from the crevices of your vents to the random dusty spots in your bathroom.

    24. A two-pack of reusable sweeping pads because it's time to say goodbye to the wasteful disposable ones you've been spending way too much money on. These even have helpful Velcro straps so the pad won't go flying off when you're in the middle of a good cleaning session.

    25. A well-loved robotic vacuum, which will do all the hard work for you. Just schedule your preferred cleaning times and it'll follow your little furball around and pick up every stray hair they leave in their tracks.

    26. A fur removing brush you can have personalized with your fluffy friend's name on the handle, just in case you forgot who is causing you to clean your couch almost every single day. Totally worth it though.

    27. An ozone-free Levoit air-purifier with a three-stage filtration system that'll capture allergens, pet hair, dander, smoke, mold, odor, and large dust particles floating all over your home. Oh, and it also has over 30,000 5-star ratings!

    28. And a tag with a message your pet asked me to relay to you: "I don't shed, I emit magical fibers of joy and love."

    Dog tag that reads "I don't shed, I emit magical fibers of joy and love"

    Your pets shedding all over the place but knowing they can get away with it 'cause they're adorable: