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    These 25 Things Will Help You Be A Better Cook

    Come for the nifty gadgets, stay for the sweet honey hot sauce.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A stuffed burger press to seriously upgrade your grilling game. This gadget creates a perfect little pocket in your patty that you can stuff to your heart's desire.


    Promising review: "Love to grill burgers and my wife loves to stuff our veal/lamb/pork/beef burgers with all sorts of cheeses and veggies. Problem has been that sometimes the burgers crumble on the grill and don't look so appetizing when served. No more. The burger press burgers are loaded up but look just perfect when plated or laid on a big roll. And I don't have to worry about them on the grill. You can really load them up and they cook perfectly. Simple but great product." β€”Jerry O'Connor

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95.

    2. A pizza stone that will fool your guests into thinking you ordered from a fancy pizzeria. Plop your pizza on top, throw it in the oven or on top of the grill and then marvel at the crispy crust and evenly melted cheese.


    Promising review: "I love my pizza stone. Frozen pizzas from the grocery store actually get a nice crisp crust, never soggy like before. I keep the stone in the bottom shelf of my oven when not in use and it helps regulate the oven temp. I've noticed other things like oven fries come out crispier and less soggy when I do this. I highly recommend this!" β€”Chelsea

    Get it from Amazon for $14.87+ (available in five sizes).

    3. A meat thermometer that takes all the guesswork out of cooking meat. If you're constantly saying, "I hope this is done!" as you remove your meat from the pan, it's definitely time to pick up one of these.

    A red meat thermometer reading "167.2 degrees" inserted inside a chicken thigh on the grill

    This option from ThermoPro is designed to give you an accurate reading in just 3-5 seconds.

    Promising review: "OK, so I waited to write a review because I wanted to really test it before drawing any conclusions (I hate reviews that say something along the lines of 'just got it, it's great, thanks!' and tell you nothing about how an item performs.) I've used this on pork roasts, a turkey, a couple of baked chickens, and candy. Comparing the temps on this device with those from an older, differently branded thermometer, they are nearly identical. I'd say it's as accurate as any other similar price range thermometer and a bit better than my old, more expensive one." β€”monkeysohana

    Get it from Amazon for $10.10.

    4. A rainbow knife set featured in HBO Max's "Selena + Chef" for when you're ~so sick of those same old knives.~ Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but they also have rave reviews from over 1,800 customers.

    A knife with a rainbow-tinted blade and turquoise handle in front of a full set of knifes on a kitchen counter

    Promising review: "When I tell you these knives are good I mean that times 10. They match beautifully with my kitchen colors and they are sharp and smooth. I’ve had them for three months now and they seem just as sharp as when we got them. They are used every single day." β€”Emari Tate

    Get it from Amazon for $70.99 (available in six designs).

    5. And a chef's knife that will let everybody know you mean business in the kitchen. The starter set of knives you bought when you first moved in will be so jealous.


    Promising review: "We wanted to get some grown up knives because we like to cook and were tried of the low quality sets. I did my research and these are literally the best knives you can buy for the money (by the way, this is the same company that invented the Swiss Army Knife). Are you a professional chef? If not, you probably don't need that $300 chef knife and even if you were, I honestly doubt you would be able to tell that much of a difference." β€”Derek

    Get it from Amazon for $35.11.

    6. A sleek kitchen scale so you can finally stop eyeballing everything and start following recipes to a T.

    A cup of flour placed on a gray kitchen scale reading "8.4"

    Promising review: "Great little scale for food! I bought this scale nine months ago, but wanted to wait to write a review. I saw other reviews when ordering, and some said the battery life wasn't good, but I have yet to change the battery after using this three times a day to weigh food for meals over the past nine months. It is lightweight and easy to store. It is pretty sensitive. I can measure 5 grams of chia seeds, e.g. Personally, I use this scale to measure in fluid ounces, grams, and ounces." β€”Adam

    Get it from Amazon for $13.95+ (available in five colors).

    7. A knife sharpener to keep your slicing skills on point. Those dull, worn-out knives in your drawer will look as good as the day you bought them.,

    Promising review: "I decided to actually come back to this nearly two years later to review it because it kind of got lost to me to review it back then. However, since I've bought it, I've heard my husband talk about it on and off. Just yesterday with my daughter he was going over sharp knife safety, and he just said how much he still absolutely loves it. Of every gift I've ever given him, this is the only thing I've heard still get praise nearly two years later." β€”Gluten Free Momma

    Get it from Amazon for $5.99 (available in four colors).

    8. A unique tenderizer that pierces through your meat to break down connective tissue and give you juicy, tender results.

    Hand pressing a meat tenderizer into a raw piece of steak.

    Promising review: "I eat a lot of chicken, and this helps to make the chicken less fibrous, which is a nice change of pace. Plus it's a way to work out some frustration: who doesn't like using a library stamp made of 48 blades to pummel meat?" β€”J Gillman

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99.

    9. A set of herb scissors to give your dishes a touch of freshness. You'll be ditching your pre-packaged bottles of rosemary and parsley in no time.

    A pair of green herb scissors next to a pile of herbs on a wooden cutting board.

    Promising review: "Have used it multiple times and it really cuts down the work of cutting fresh herbs. I'm pleased with it. I think it would make a nice little gift for someone who grows their own herbs." β€”Cathy J.

    Get it from Amazon for $16.35.

    10. A veggie mandoline slicer for perfectly even slices every time. Let's face it, sometimes food is just as much as about the presentation as it is the flavor.

    An aqua mandoline-style veggie slicer with six bowls of chopped vegetables next to it

    This mandoline-style slicer can chop up veggies in 30 different ways, from thick slices to finely-diced cubes. The best part? Your fingers never go near the blade.

    Promising review: "Once you do some basic prep, you can chop through a huge amount of food in no time. Some items, like apples and onions, need to be broken down to fit in the opening, but everything’s smooth sailing after that. After a little prep, I had my stepson chop through a few pounds of apples for pies. It took him about five minutes and he had fun doing it!" β€”K

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99 (available in aqua, gray and green).

    11. A handheld grater so you'll never be caught off guard by a recipe calling for "the zest of one lemon." Or you could have all the freshly grated Parmesan cheese you want without having to tell a waiter when to stop.

    A black and silver grater with orange zest on top, sitting atop a white bowl with an orange
    Williams Sonoma

    Promising review: "I have quite a few graters and this one is probably my favorite. I have had it for many years and it is still sharp. Have used it often for parmesan cheese, nutmeg, lemon rind etc. Highly recommend." β€”Scragglewart

    Get it from Williams Sonoma for $14.95.

    12. A best-selling cast-iron skillet that will make you wonder why you haven't bought one before.

    A black cast iron skillet with two pieces of meat inside

    Looking to impress your guests with a restaurant-quality steak? A cast-iron skillet is a must.

    Promising review: "What can I say, I love my cast-iron skillet! This thing gives a nice charred flavor to meat, and is super easy to clean. I even baked a stuffed pizza in this last night with my wife. If you are not familiar with the cast-iron ways then let me tell you, you are missing out. This thing cooks better than a Teflon pan, is easier to clean, and doesn't release harmful chemicals into your food." β€”Amazon Customer.

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95.

    13. A seasoning set that will make you excited to eat your vegetables. Though it's specifically marketed for veggie lovers, you can still use these seasonings on meat as well!


    A set of 10 spices includes: Grill Master, Garlic Herb, Maple Cinnamon, Turmeric Yellow Curry, Authentic Taco, Rosemary Lemon, Citrus Pepper, Rosy Cheeks, Thai Spice, and Italian.

    Promising review: "I know this is the veggie set, but what I like about these is they can also be used for various meats and seafood. I used the citrus pepper on some oven-baked fish and it turned out amazing." β€”Alicia Hutcherson

    Get it from Amazon for $49.99.

    14. A best-selling garlic press with 14,000 reviews to take the mess out of preparing your favorite ingredient.


    Basically every recipe ever calls for garlic β€” and this nifty tool crushes it into an easy-to-use paste. It even comes with a rolling tube to help peel your bulbs without getting it all over your fingers.

    Promising review: "I have had it for over a year with no problems. No sticking of the handles, no rust, easy to clean. I use it daily if not multiple times a day as I cook meals for two other households as well, so honestly at times it gets used 15x a day when cooking up monthly meals." β€”Cymbeline

    Get it from Amazon for $12.97.

    15. A sous vide that connects to your smartphone so you'll never under/overcook your food again.

    A sous vide reading "51.5" placed into a pot of water with meat

    A sous vide may seem complicated at first, but over 4,000 verified Amazon reviewers have fallen in love with this appliance. You simply hook it onto your own pot, fill with water, add food in a sealed bag and set the device to the desired temperature.

    Promising review: "I cook tons of stuff with this since I have discovered sous vide. I’ve taken it to friends' houses for events or dinners to show them how it works and everyone is always amazed at how juicy and delicious everything is. I consider myself a great cook and this is just another tool in the arsenal." β€”Sean

    Get it from Amazon for $129.

    16. A citrus juicer to give your hands a break and save you from ever having to fish out those pesky seeds.

    A yellow and green citrus juicer with a slice of orange inside, placed next to two slices of orange on a cutting board

    Promising review: "I've been using a different hand juicer β€” one that is more of a generic size β€” and have always been dissatisfied with how little juice it extracts from limes. This juicer solves that problem beautifully. I also like that this one device squeezes lemons AND limes, so that only one squeezer is necessary for both." β€”Jacqueline

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    17. A pack of special silicone cups so you can whip up poached eggs like a professional chef.

    Promising review: "My wife loves poached eggs and I never knew how to make them, only eggs over, omelets. So, I researched the procedure and found these Cozlife egg poachers highly rated and simple. After three sets of faultless poached eggs, my wife is very happy." β€”OceanAveBoy

    Get it from Amazon for $11.97.

    18. This batter dispenser that will make your pancakes look exactly like the ones on the box. It's also perfect for pouring out just the right amount of cupcake batter.

    A model using a pancake dispenser to dispense even circles of pancake batter on top of a griddle

    Promising review: "One of our traditions is for me to make pancakes every Saturday morning. And, try as I might, I couldn't avoid batter drips all around the stove top and surrounding counters. This little jewel solved the problem. Only the tiniest leakage, and that was into my spoon rest on which I placed it after each use. Easy to control pancake size. Cleaned up perfectly in the dishwasher." β€”Rev Rider

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

    19. A uniquely shaped bread maker if baking has become your new quarantine passion. You can mix your ingredients in the bowl and pop it right in the oven, meaning less dishes and more carbs!

    Promising review: "This mixing bowl invention is genius. Bread making always makes such a mess, but with the Lekue Silicone Bread Maker, I can mix, proof and bake all in one bowl. It was a big advantage for proofing wetter dough like crusty artistic or sourdough because transferring that wetter dough out of the proofing container without degassing it was always a challenge. Being able to do everything in one container is extremely helpful. Also, by having the Lekue wrap around the bread during baking helps to trap some steam for those desirable holes in artistic bread." β€”Keek

    Get it from Amazon for $26.77.

    20. An automatic pan stirrer for the times you get distracted by TikTok when you should be tending to your homemade sauces.

    A three-pronged pan stirrer in the middle of a pan placed on top of a burner
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "My husband LOVES Alfredo, but I HATE the constant stirring of the sauce, so I rarely make it! For Christmas, my husband invested in his future and bought me this self-stirrer. I was incredibly sure that this gadget would never be able to manage the thick sauce and that I would end up whisking the night away. I will come before you now and claim that this was AMAZING!! I literally walked away and prepped other ingredients and walked back to the stove where my PERFECTLY COMBINED sauce sat, ready to serve to my beloved." β€”Kate

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $25.

    21. A hand immersion blender to whip your soups and purees to pure perfection.

    A hand immersion blender placed into a pot of food on the stove

    Promising review: "I believe that an immersion blender is a very important part of a kitchen's inventory. There are so many uses. But prior to my investment into the Mueller, I was using a very inexpensive, plastic-cased one-piece immersion blender. Once I began using the Mueller, I knew that I had graduated to the top of the line. The Mueller is powerful enough to handle even the toughest tasks I throw at it, the mixing wand is detachable to make cleaning so easy and without having to worry about getting moisture into the motor housing. The wire wick that it comes with is also super handy." β€”WouldYa

    Get it from Amazon for $34.97.

    22. A set of baking strips for cakes so even you'd definitely win star baker on The Great British Baking Show.

    Two cake pans with purple fabric cake pan strips wrapped around the sides

    Promising review: "Wow, it works! For years I've accepted that my cheesecakes will be 'burnt' around the sides and have a massive crack right through the middle giving them that 'rustic' looking feel. After reading about these bake even stripes I was skeptical but thought for $9, I could take the chance. I'm amazed. They actually work, never before have I made a cheesecake that was flat on the top after baking AND didn't look burnt around the sides." β€”Jason

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $10.39 (also available in a pack of six).

    23. A set of basting brushes to help you properly marinade like the shining chef you are. The silicone bristles mean you'll never have to worry about stray brush hairs falling in your food.


    Promising review: "Swapped my bristle basting brush for these and was immediately impressed. They hold much more liquid, making the task quicker. I mainly use for brushing the tops of rolls with butter or for basting BBQ chicken. Work great for those uses and can just toss them in the dishwasher. Will use this kind of basting brush from now on." β€”Trina Ruck

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99 (available in two colors).

    24. An Amazon Echo Show 5 so Alexa can be your personal sous chef. The 5.5-inch screen can set helpful timers and display recipes β€” no need to keep picking up your phone to follow along with the latest Tasty video!

    An Amazon Echo Show 5 device displaying the weather

    Promising review: "I did the (easy) set up in the kitchen and it immediately became essential there. I do a lot of solo cooking during COVID; it's nice to have the Show 5 on the counter for hands-free access to recipes, news, weather and other media as I cook or wait for the microwave to ding." β€”Sandstone

    Get it from Amazon for $74.99 (available in two colors).

    25. And a deliciously sweet, surprisingly spicy bottle of honey that will level up almost any dish you whip up.

    It even has nonspicy lovers singing its praises. Try incorporating it into a hot honey glaze on salmon, or simply drizzle on top of veggies for the perfect final touch.

    Promising review: "It's just the right amount of heat to make it interesting, but not so hot that it'll interfere with other flavors. One of my peeves about spicy versions of normally nonspicy items is that it's often all about the heat but the flavors imparted by the chiles aren't particularly noticeable or interesting. This honey has a great chile FLAVOR to it, in addition to the heat, but it doesn't overwhelm the flavor of the honey at all. I like it on buttered toast and on fried chicken equally well, and this has definitely become a staple 'sauce' for me!" β€”S. Ferguson

    Get it from Amazon for $9.59.

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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