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    31 Things To Make Your Closet Seem *So* Much Bigger

    Is your closet actually small, or just unorganized? It's probably both.

    1. A set of space-saving folding hangers that will practically transform your closet. They easily unfold when you're ready to hang up your fresh laundry, then fold back down to give you some extra room.

    2. An over-the-door shoe rack for the person with a heel collection to rival Carrie Bradshaw's. The racks easily fold in if you need a little extra space for your rain boots and super tall pumps.

    3. A hanging handbag organizer so you can finally get your purses out of that messy pile and maybe even rediscover a few old favorites you totally forgot you even bought.

    Two handbag organizers with handbags placed inside

    4. An easily hangable T-shirt organizer so you can roll up all of your favorite graphic tees and neatly store them on the back of your closet door. It's so much easier than rummaging through a crowded drawer or shuffling through endless hangers.

    The organizer holding 16 T-shirts while hanging in a closet

    5. A stackable shoe rack with three spacious shelves so you can give your kicks the special throne they truly deserve.

    Reviewer photo of three-tier shoe rack with various shoes placed on the shelves

    6. A hanging storage unit with five deep shelves and six mesh side pockets so you'll have a perfect place for all your undershirts, scarves, socks, or anything else that simply doesn't belong on a hanger.

    Five-shelf hanging organizer placed on closet rod

    7. Or this storage unit with pull-out drawers that are perfect for neatly organizing socks, underwear, or any other clutter you want to keep concealed.

    Model opening drawer in hanging closet unit

    8. OR! this four-section organizer that will have you wondering why all hanging storage shelves don't have a garment rod at the bottom.

    Hanging storage shelf with rod hanging in closet

    9. A hanger specifically made for belts, because you're too grown to be throwing them over your closet rod and hoping they don't fall down. I feel attacked by that sentence and I wrote it.

    Reviewer photo of various belts hanging on belt hanger

    10. A folding board so you can keep your T-shirts in a stack so neat and tidy you might just mistake your closet for an Old Navy.

    11. A nifty tiered hanger, because using a regular hanger for just one pair of pants or a scarf is such a waste of space.

    Scarves hanging on tiered scarf and pants hanger

    12. A set of six over-the-door shelves perfect for storing random accessories that are currently scattered all over your room. Actually, you might want one of these for every door in your home.

    13. A multi-level hanger that will not only stop your tank tops and bras from slipping and sliding all over the place, but also stores up to eight of them in one compact spot.

    Two tank top hangers placed in closet

    14. A set of shoe slots so you can make like Vanessa Hudgens and get ready for Sneakernight without having to rummage through a giant pile of shoes on the floor.

    Model placing shoes on shoe holder into shoe rack

    15. A set of useful dividers if you're tired of all your neatly stacked piles of clothes toppling on top of each other when you need to grab something on the bottom.

    Customer photo of shelves with dividers

    16. A pack of super large storage bags so you can keep your fluffy blankets and giant comforters in one contained space instead of in a giant ball on your top shelf.

    Two storage bags placed at bottom of closet

    17. A set of storage boxes that neatly stack on top of each other, which will practically triple your shelf space. They also have a transparent window so you can see exactly what's inside before pulling it down.

    Stackable storage box placed on closet shelf

    18. A hanger with perfectly sized hoops so you can organize your tangled pile of scarves and easily grab a new one for every day of the week.

    Scarf hanger with various scarves placed inside

    19. A tiered storage unit to make use of some of that awkward floor space. The top two shelves are perfect for your go-to shoes and the bottom bins can keep your socks in a neatly contained pile, so it's basically a one-stop shop for your feet.

    Reviewer photo of shoe rack with storage bins placed in closet

    20. An over-the-door rack with nine hooks that can hold basically any and everything you need, from the belt that ends up in various places every time you take it off to the cross-body bag that always gets lost on your shelf.

    Over-the-door hooks with various items placed on them

    21. A set of sheet keepers that are so simple, yet so genius. These will keep your sheets together in a perfect little bundle so you can stop searching every drawer just to find a matching set.

    Three sheet sets with sheet keeper wrapped around

    22. A set of five-tier hangers with clips so you can stop wasting so much space just to hang your skirts.

    Reviewer photo of various clothing items hanging from skirt hanger

    23. A spacious storage shelf that requires ZERO tools to install. Simply expand it to your desired size and get to stacking your towels and handbags on top or hanging your shirts from one of the sturdy stainless-steel rods.

    Expandable shelf placed in closet

    24. An over-the-door rack you definitely need if your stack of vintage dad hats is starting to topple over.

    25. A set of hanging hooks to create a cascading pile of handbags so you can easily grab whichever one currently matches your vibe.

    Reviewer photo of purses hanging from closet hook hanger

    26. A handy hanger for all your heavy-duty quilts and comforters since folding them to fit on a shelf is honestly kind of a pain and takes up SO much valuable space.

    Model hanging quilt on over-the-door hanger

    27. A set of space-saver bags that truly live up to their name. Now that spring is right around the corner, these will help you store all your bulky coats into one compact bag until winter rolls around again. Say hello to extra closet space!

    28. A hanging jewelry organizer so you can find that perfect accessory without wading through all of your drawers. Constantly searching for that matching earring? The clear pockets will make that a thing of the past.

    Before-and-after photos showing a tangled pile of jewelry next to organized jewelry in a hanging organizer

    29. A pack of velvet hangers that will provide a much better grip on your clothes. They're also super thin, so you can say goodbye to shoving all your clothes to one side just to reach one shirt.

    A photo of a full closet using plastic hangers next to a photo of the same closet with more space when using the velvet hangers

    30. A set of three storage boxes with collapsible front flaps perfect for organizing all your towels and sheets so they won't come tumbling out every time you open the linen closet.

    31. And a set of storage cubes so you can contain your clutter instead of displaying it for all the world to see. It'll make it seem like there's a method to your messy madness.

    Reviewer photo of four storage cubes on closet shelf

    How you'll feel in your freshly organized closet:

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