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    There Are So Many Annoying Things In The World, But These 34 Things Will Help With Some Of Them

    Because you don't have to time to be annoyed by tangled sheets and lost remotes.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An adjustable clamp for your tablet or smartphone so you can say goodbye to accidentally dropping your device on your face while watching Netflix in bed.

    2. A tiered bowl with a special place to prop up your phone, which is a must-have for the person who spends all their free time eating sunflower seeds and catching up on the latest YouTuber drama. It's me — I'm the person.

    Model holding bowls with phone and sunflower seeds inside

    3. A vaccination card holder because WHY ON EARTH are they not wallet-sized?! Who approved this?! It even has extra slots for credit cards and your ID, so you could totally just use this as your wallet if you want.

    4. This sleek stand that will finally give you a place to rest your spoons and pot lids instead of awkwardly laying them on the counter and hoping they don't leave a mess for you to clean up later.

    Lid and wooden spoon placed on holder

    5. A genius dog bowl that dispenses water when your pupper pushes down on the center — meaning you'll never have to wipe up any giant spills when your dehydrated doggo gets a little too excited.

    6. A set of sheet detanglers to stop your bedding from becoming a tangled mess in your washer and dryer — because there's nothing worse than realizing your pillowcases are still wet after getting caught in your fitted sheet during the dryer cycle.

    Model holding sheets placed into Wad-Free units

    7. A felt handbag insert with several pockets and compartments that will stop your purse from becoming an endless black hole of nothingness. Just imagine reaching into your bag and finding your lip balm on the very first try.

    8. A set of adhesive strips to close the gap under your door and stop any annoying drafts. It'll make it much easier to cool down your home in the summer, and it'll also keep bugs, dirt, and leaves outside where they belong.

    9. A flexible organizer that will wrangle all the annoying charger cables and power cords that are flopping around all over your desk and under your TV.

    10. A set of lids so you can store all your bottles upside down and get every 👏 last 👏 drop 👏 out of there. It's the money-saver you never knew you needed.

    11. An easily hangable T-shirt organizer so you can roll up all of your favorite graphic tees and neatly store them on the back of your closet door. It's so much easier than rummaging through a crowded drawer or shuffling through endless hangers.

    The organizer holding 16 T-shirts while hanging in a closet

    12. An ice cube tray with a lid so your ice never absorbs any freezer odors. Plus, you won't have to worry about spilling any water after you refill it!

    Hand placing sealed ice cube tray into freezer

    13. A small snail that will hang out on the side of your mug and keep your tea bag from sliding all over the place while you enjoy your much-deserved 10th tea break of the day.

    14. A seat gap filler so you'll never have to clean that awkward space between your car's seats ever again. It'll also catch all of those fries that go rogue and jump out of your hand on the way from the McDonalds bag to your mouth.

    The gap filler between the seat and console

    15. A nifty phone mount that will keep your phone directly in your line of sight while you're working so you can stop reaching for it all the time. It'll basically add a tiny second monitor to your laptop!

    16. A game-changing pan and pot lid organizer, because reaching for your favorite cookware shouldn't feel like playing a game of Jenga in your cabinet.

    17. A pancake batter mixer so you can treat yourself to breakfast-for-dinner on a weekly basis, like you deserve. Simply place your ingredients inside, mix it up with the included blender ball, then get to squeezing out some perfectly sized pancakes.

    A clear plastic pancake mixer pouring batter onto a hot grill from its red silicone spout

    18. An absolutely genius tool that lets you easily spread butter on your pans before cooking or directly on hot foods like corn on the cob or fresh bread. No more ~butter fingers~!

    19. A flexible coil brush so you can finally reach all the dust and crumbs you had no idea were hiding underneath your fridge and oven. I'm shuddering just thinking about what's living under there.

    Reviewer photo of dust removed with flexible coil brush

    20. A pack of washing machine cleaner tablets to banish odors and break down residue so your clothes will come out feeling cleaner than ever. You probably didn't realize your washing machine was dirty — but now it's all you'll think about.

    Reviewer photo of clean washing machine

    21. A shampoo dispensing brush that'll stop you from having to waste time fumbling around with a bottle during the rare moments your dog actually stays still. With this, you can simply brush their fur while the shampoo flows out and starts to foam up.

    22. An adjustable rack to neatly store your pans, muffin tins and pie trays so you can quickly grab what you need and get your bake on.

    Bakeware organizer with various bakeware inserted

    23. A magnetic strap that connects both of your AirPods so you'll never have to worry about losing one of them in the middle of an intense workout.

    24. A nifty strainer you can attach to the side of your pot so you'll never burn yourself while awkwardly straining into a colander ever again!

    The strainer attached to a pot, which allows the water to drain while keeping pasta in place

    25. This three-sided standing splatter guard that'll catch all that flyaway grease and oil that flies out of the pan and becomes an absolute pain to scrub off later.

    Three-sided splatter guard placed behind pan of bacon

    26. An organizer tray to keep all of your silverware in its proper place, because not every drawer should be a junk drawer. The slanted, stacked design will also add so much extra space.

    The tray with slanted slots to separate the utensils

    27. A set of stove counter gap covers, because you'd be surprised at how many stray crumbs make their way into that space between your stove and countertop.

    28. A pack of cleaning tablets that will clean your dishwasher for you, because it's probably way dirtier than you imagine. These will break down lime and mineral build-up so your dishes come out looking as sparkly as they do in all those dish soap commercials.

    29. A genius windproof umbrella to make you wonder why all umbrellas aren't designed this way. It not only folds in upside down for easier storage, but also has a helpful C-shaped handle you can slide your wrist through to keep both of your hands free.

    30. A lid holder caddy, because finding the matching top to your Tupperware container shouldn't feel like an impossible task.

    Food storage lids neatly placed in organizer

    31. An innovative yogurt holder that will let you slide them on the side of your fridge instead of letting them take up valuable shelf space.

    32. An adjustable wrap stand so you can easily find your plastic wrap and aluminum foil — because be honest, you usually just throw them in a random cabinet and hope you remember where you put them later.

    33. A super useful caddy to add some storage pockets to the side of your couch. No more frantically searching for your remote or AirPods when its time for yet another Zoom meeting!

    34. And a broom for pet and human hair so you can rake up everything that your vacuum can't reach and you can't even see. You'll be shook when you see all the hair and dust that's hiding out in your area rugs.

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