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    23 Products From "Shark Tank" To Make Spring Cleaning Easier

    "I'm in." — You as you add all these products to your cart.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An all-purpose cleaner made with natural nontoxic ingredients so you can feel safe spraying it on basically every surface in your home. Also, one of the inventors sprayed it directly in their mouth on Shark Tank, and I'm adding it to my cart based on that genius sales pitch alone.

    Amazon, BuzzFeed /

    This cleaner is free of VOCs, alkyphenol, surfactants, and petroleum, *and* was not tested on animals.

    Promising review: "I was looking for a safe natural product that didn't have any ingredients requiring a hazardous waste disposal label. A lot of so-called 'natural' cleaners have ingredients that need an EPA use-and-disposal label. This doesn't. It is strong enough to really go through grease and grime like a clear organic tornado. I haven't found anything that can't be cleaned with it yet. Plus it's odor free. I feel comfortable spraying it in places where pets, children or myself in bare feet might absorb it by stepping in the residue. It's hard to get excited over cleaning spray but this deserves a level of excitement in my home." —Mark O.

    Get it on Amazon for $5.49+ (available in three scents and three sizes).

    2. A pair of DrainWigs that will hang out in your shower's drain to catch stray hairs and stop you from having to buy yet another bottle of Drano. It's meant to be disposed of after four months, so you'll never even have to touch any of the hair it collects!


    Promising review: "I didn't even think about my shower drain being such a problem with hair. We have a relatively new shower and the drain was starting to be slow, but not really a problem because the pipe has a long drop. I was watching Shark Tank and thought maybe I need to check this out. Wow, there was a lot of hair to clean! Three long-haired girls in the house! I started using this and it pulled all sorts of hair out. We change it about once a month. Easy to pull out and no breaks or rust. I keep buying!" —Kindle Customer

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $8.55.

    3. A natural fabric refresher so you can use the power of citric acid to eliminate odors from neglected furniture, funky sneakers, well-loved backpacks, and sweaty gym clothes.


    Promising review: "Bought this the night that I saw them on Shark Tank. The item works great! Has a great smell to it. I sprayed a pair of my husband’s shoes and the smell came right out. I will definitely buy again!" —Gadget Girl

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    4. Some scratch-free, odor-resistant Scrub Daddy sponges that are not only ridiculously cute but also change texture based on the water's temperature. It stays firm with cold water for heavy-duty scrubbing, but gets softer in warm water for lighter cleaning tasks. Also, the mouth can be used to clean both sides of your utensils at the same time, and that's just pure genius.

    Scrub Daddy,

    Promising review: "I used to save these little gems for 'special projects' (what projects, I don't know because I ended up not ever using them!). Then one day I decided 'what the heck, just use one in the sink for dishes, you can always buy more.' Lo and behold, I LOVE them! They remove food off of dishes more easily than a sponge and I just throw them in the top rack of the dishwasher and they come out spotless! They never smell and always rinse out nicely in between washings. These little gems even take off hard water build up from my shower doors! (I also use regular cleaners with them to do the trick.). I love these so much I bought a bunch and used them as stocking stuffers last Xmas! Everyone loves them!" —DivaGranny

    Get three from Amazon for $13.99.

    5. An innovative set of cleaning tablets to completely transform the way you clean your home. Simply pop a tablet into one of the included refillable glass bottles, add some water, and then you'll have a bottle filled with household cleaner or hand soap.

    Rachel Dunkel / BuzzFeed

    "The kit comes with three reusable cleaning bottles, one reusable foaming hand soap bottle and four tablets — one each for multi-surface, glass and mirror, bathroom, and foaming hand soap solutions. Just fill each bottle with water and drop in the corresponding tablet. It's as simple as that! The cleaner is made with no triclosan, parabens, phosphates, ammonia, or VOCs.

    Listen, maybe it's just a Me Problem, but I always get kind of confused about what cleaning products to use where — they're usually dangerous chemicals and I don't want to mess up! With Blueland, it's honestly a relief to have the bottles labeled, telling me exactly where to use each product. And it's doubly a relief to know that they're all ~clean~ cleaning products regardless." —Rachel Dunkel

    Get it from Blueland for $39.

    6. A uniquely designed angled broom that'll make you wonder how you've been living with the old-school version for so long. The dust pan is almost even more exciting: when you step on the back, it creates a seal to the floor so it won't slide all over the place. What a time to be alive.


    Promising review: "Love this! I have cats and the fur gets all over and makes cleaning a broom a disgusting mess. With the built-in combs on the dustpan it's so easy to clean the broom. The dustpan gets flush to the floor so every bit of dirt gets in the pan. The telescoping broom handle allows me to adjust the broom to my height. The mini version is perfect for countertops. I would definitely buy this again and recommend it to others." —Barbara S.

    Get it from Amazon for $39.95 (available in five colors).

    7. A roll of reusable Bambooee Paper Towels that are way more durable and absorbent than the ones you have in your kitchen right now. They're also easily machine-washable up to 100 times, so you can basically cross paper towels off your grocery list forever.

    A person pulling a towel off the roll

    Promising review: "Used several sheets. They do make awesome dishtowels. Been using one for over a week and it still works great. I like the idea that you can toss and just start a new one. I have scrubbed off stove top, oven wipe down, spills on the floor...and it just washes up clean and fresh. You get A LOT of use per towel!! I would suggest putting a receptacle (other than trash) near the roll, so if a kid uses one, they know NOT to toss it in the trash like a normal paper towel. They do machine wash and dry just fine! Otherwise, they fit your paper towel roll perfectly. Then you can fold the washed ones and keep with your kitchen towels/wash rags." —HG Timmons

    Get a roll of 30 towels on Amazon for $8.99.

    8. A Brush Hero car detailing kit to turn your garden hose into the ultimate cleaning machine. It's perfect for transforming the grimy tires and dingy headlights on your car, but reviewers say it also tackles barbecue grills and patio furniture without leaving behind any scratches.


    Promising review: "Wow! The Brush Hero worked great on my outdoor furniture. We don't have an indoor storage space and live on the water, so spider webs and other creature droppings are an issue on the deck furniture. This was easy to use out of the box." —Kindle Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    9. Glovestix deodorizers that'll get rid of the stank living in your shoes and sports equipment. The replaceable inserts absorb excess moisture and prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria in just 24 hours.


    Promising review: "I'm a beer league hockey player whose habits about airing out my gear after a game go back to when I played hockey as a kid — when I just stuffed everything into the bag, zipped it up, and left it in the garage until the next game. My wife suggested I try these, and they work! I don't put them into my gloves, I put them into the whole bag and try to move them around once or twice before I skate again. The amount of stench they remove is really impressive. The company's customer service is also outstanding. Highly recommended!" —Ross A. Bonander

    Get a set from Amazon for $29.99.

    10. A container of Grease Monkey Wipes to make the wipes you currently have in your cabinet looks downright flimsy in comparison. These remove everything from grease to permanent ink — and they're safe for skin thanks to the natural citrus-based formula.

    Amazon, ABC / Via

    Promising review: "I recently switched to cycling for my work commute, which means bike maintenance. Regardless of how easy its been, it always results in at least some grease and dirt on my hands and I almost never could get completely clean. I just used these wipes about an hour ago after replacing a flat tire, and that one instance has compelled me to post this review. I used a single wipe and was able to completely clean up my hands and arms in less than five minutes. You couldn't even tell that I had been fiddling with my bike; no grease or grime remained. I highly recommend these! I will be carrying two of these individually packaged wipes in my bag with me whenever I'm on the bike considering how useful these would be if I had to do some roadside maintenance and had no way to clean up. Get these if you do any sort of work with your hands during which they may get some grease or grime on them." —V P

    Get a container of 25 wipes for $10.68 or a box of 24 individually-wrapped wipes for $10.58 on Amazon.

    11. A bottle of super heavy-duty hand soap that'll take care of messes that regular hand soap could never dream of tackling. Whether you're dealing with grease and oil from cars or caked-on dirt from gardening, this will basically give you brand-new hands once you rinse it off.


    Promising review: "I work for the railroad and I am always getting my hands dirty! I could never seem to find anything that worked. Also, I live in Utah so when it starts getting cold my hands dry out. Well, with Grip Clean that doesn’t happen! I have my coworkers coming to my locker asking to get some soap since the soap we have at doesn't work as well as Grip Clean!" —Nick

    Get it from Amazon for $11.50+ (available in two sizes).

    12. A box of Eco Nuts, which are essentially dried berry shells from the "soapberry" tree that will naturally clean your clothes without harsh soaps and chemicals. Just place four to five in the included wash bag, throw in with your clothes, and wave goodbye to your regular detergent that's probably irritating your skin.

    person holding the laundry nuts
    @econuts / Via

    Promising review: "We’ve been using these for more than a year, and we like them a lot! Last time I bought soap nuts, I ordered a different brand, because they were cheaper, and I figured they must all be the same thing. Not! There were no whole nuts, just small pieces, and they smelled nasty! Anyway, we finished those off, and we are now back to Eco Nuts; I find it easy to slip the nuts in the cloth bag, and they have a faint, sweet pleasant smell. They last a long time. The smaller boxes lasted us about six months each time. It is a space-saver, and not messy. Before we started getting these, I had a jumbo bottle of ecologically safe laundry detergent, and it leaked all over the top of my fridge! (Yuck!) I think using these saves us money, and they are biodegradable!" —Bookfresser

    Get a 20.5 oz box (good for 360 loads) from Amazon for $37.89.

    13. A pack of all-natural bottle cleaning tablets to help remove stains and odors from any water bottles or coffee tumblers that you've left unwashed for an embarrassingly long time. It happens.

    Reviewer before, during, and after images of a thermos using the tablets

    These are biodegradable and odor-free.

    Promising review: "I seriously can't believe how well these little tablets work. I had the most disgusting HydroFlask coffee mug — I tried everything. A bottle brush, different kinds of soap, vinegar, EVERYTHING, and there was still a seemingly impenetrable layer of black sludge inside. I let a tablet sit in each of my mugs for an hour or two, and the black sludge rinsed out COMPLETELY, without even scrubbing. They look brand new. What a magical product. No weird smell or taste afterward, either. I liked it so much I used it on another HydroFlask I use primarily to hold my Bloody Mary mix in the fridge. I couldn't put anything else in it because it would always taste like spicy tomato juice. Bottle Bright to the rescue! No residual smell or taste anymore. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING." —Amazon Customer

    Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $8.

    14. A water-resistant dbest Smart Cart shopping cart so you'll have a super handy place to store your cleaning supplies instead of throwing them in the endless black hole that is the cabinet under the sink. It'll basically become your little spring cleaning assistant as you roll it from room to room.


    Promising review: "Very easy to store. I roll it fully loaded between my car and my classroom without problems. I drive a tiny car with next to no trunk which made conventional rolling crates a hassle but this one takes just the right amount of space. I also love how flexible it is, which makes it less likely to break with just a little bump like rolling carts will, and how the bottom hasn't shown signs of detaching from the sides like my rolling crate did. All in all, I love it and recommend it. Just don't judge it by its size when you receive it. Fill it up first so you can actually see how much it holds." —CV

    Get it on Amazon for $24.99+ (available in 17 colors).

    15. A PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger to get rid of 99.99% of all the bacteria and germs that are hanging out on your phone right now. It'll also work on keys, wallets, watches, AirPods, or just about anything else you take with you everywhere and never actually clean.

    A black square case (the size of a large tablet but way thicker) is sitting on a surface. It has a lid which is open. The case has a phone (looks like a droid) sitting inside of it with a blue screen.

    Promising review: "What a perfect gadget for getting your phone clean. After touching who knows what while commuting to work and it being that time of year everyone around you gets sick, this comes in handy. After the first use, it looked great and then I wiped it down with the sponge that came with it. I feel so much better about using my phone now." —Crystal Gardner

    Get it from Amazon for $79.95.

    16. A Frywall that fits perfectly around your pan so you can keep your stove top free of the grease splatters you just worked so hard to scrub off.

    Frywall place inside pan on stove top

    It's BPA-free, FDA-compliant, heat-resistant up to 450°F, and dishwasher-safe.

    Promising review: "I was frying chicken with lard (yes, I use lard! My chicken is NOT health food.) and I put too much in the frying pan. A few minutes after putting the chicken in, the lard began to bubble up and if I hadn't had the Frywall in place, it would have spilled all over my stove. The Frywall creates a seal around my frying pan, stopping spillovers. Splatters don't escape, it's easy to work around it (turning my chicken over), and when I'm done, I just throw it in the dishwasher. If you do any frying at all, you want the Frywall" —Carl G Brown

    Get it from Amazon for $18.95 (available in four colors).

    17. A tiny but mighty freshening wipe to remove stubborn smells from your clothes in just a few simple swipes. This'll tackle everything from pet odors to cigarette smoke all while leaving behind a light pleasant fragrance.


    Promising review: "I like to travel light, which means wearing the same outfit more than once on long trips. Typically, this requires me to wash clothes in the sink and hang them up to dry. It's not that convenient if I'm not in the same place for a few days. The reviver swipes were PERFECT for this and are now a must have travel items for me. It took five minutes tops rubbing it on clothes to eliminate any smell. I had my husband give it the sniff test too to make sure I wasn't imagining it and he agreed, absolutely no scent left (besides the scent of the wipes, which is a little perfumey but was very subtle)." —Natasha G.

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $6.99.

    18. A plant-based odor eliminator – it'll actually get rid of smells instead of masking them with chemicals. You can spray it in the air for a quick refresh or use it directly on carpets and hard surfaces that have seen (and smelled) better days.

    Bottle of Pureayre Odor Eliminator for your Home

    Promising review: "My apartment doesn't smell like one big cat litter box with just one application of this thing. I feel comfortable using it on places my cat goes, knowing it's food-grade and safe. I even used it on my stinky hiking shoes." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $11.32+ (available in three sizes).

    19. A Stasher reusable silicone bag that can be stored upright so you can add some order to the random leftovers in your fridge that are taking up way too much space. Unlike plastic sandwich bags, these are washable and reusable — so you'll never have to worry about running out!


    It's self-sealing and non-plastic. It's also free of BPA, PVC, and latex.

    Promising review: "I've tried a LOT of reusable bags as there are a lot of options out there all using a variety of materials. The fabric ones just get gross over time. The vinyl ones are hard to clean and aren't usually dishwasher-safe. There are other silicone ones that need a separate rod to close them that you can easily lose. This one is the most simple and easy to use. No separate pieces to lose. Can withstand any temperature/microwave/dishwasher/whatever. And if they get gunky they are very easy to clean and I trust that they aren't hiding gross crumbs in any of the crevices. My only complaint is the cost — they are the most expensive and I wish they offered a bulk discount. If they were cheaper I would use them for EVERYTHING (open cheese in cheese drawer, all snacks on the go, etc)." —Megan A.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.59+ (available in several sizes and colors).

    20. A seat gap filler so you'll never have to clean that awkward space between your car's seats ever again. It'll also catch all of those fries that go rogue and jump out of your hand on the way from the McDonalds bag to your mouth.

    The gap filler between the seat and console

    Promising review: "I just don’t understand why I didn’t buy this sooner. It’s one of those things that you’re not really sure why you need it but once you have it, you can’t live without. It saved my poor arm from having to dig my keys, cellphone, pens, french fries, hair ties, you-name-it from between the seat gap. Seriously, it’s awesome." —Amazon Customer

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $24.99.

    21. A Beard King trimmings catcher that attaches to your mirror and stops bae from getting his hair all over the place a mere five seconds after you finished cleaning the bathroom.

    Promising review: "My girlfriend bought this for me as a present. At first I was skeptical to use, but once I got my hands out it there was no going back. I use my Beard Bib anywhere two to four times a week and cannot live without it. Not only does this serve a big purpose in my trimming routine but now I no longer have to argue with my girlfriend about all the mess that I USED to create. Also, we ordered a beard oil recently and reached out to customer support about the different scents they offer, they were super helpful! Over all, it has been an awesome experience and they’ve truly made me feel like a King!" —Timur

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in two colors).

    22. An EZPZ Happy Mat made of durable silicone, meaning it won't slip or slide all over the place. It'll easily thwart your toddler's plans to make a giant mess in the kitchen once you're done giving it a deep clean.

    Toddler sitting at table with Happy Mat

    Promising review: "I don't understand how this mat works, but it's amazing. You set it down on the table and it sticks to it so tightly that even an adult can't move it! But when you peel back a corner, it comes right up and it's like it was never there. We take this with us when we eat at restaurants, because my son will just throw around a plate or tray and make a huge mess. This placemat has made eating out a much more pleasant experience. I picked this particular placemat because it was so highly reviewed on parenting sites. I haven't tried the other brands that are a little less expensive, but I strongly believe that this mat was worth every penny that I paid!" —R & K

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99 (available in four colors).

    23. And the AquaPaw bathing tool, because your doggo is probably in need of a good spring cleaning too. Attach it to your shower spigot or garden hose and slip it over your palm so you can scrub, rinse, and pet your furry friend at the same time.


    Promising review: "My dog is terrified of the bath! But with this hand held sprayer, it’s so easy to bathe her. Bath time is so much faster and more comfortable for her now. She doesn’t try to jump out of the tub because she’s terrified of the shower head, now she stays in and is very calm (I think because it probably feel like a massage to her and gives the sesnsation that I’m petting her)." —Hayden

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95+ (available in two sizes).

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