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    33 Products To Clean Hidden Messes All Around Your Home

    You'll be shook by the nastiness lurking inside your garbage disposal.

    1. A flexible coil brush so you can finally reach all the dust and crumbs you had no idea were hiding underneath your fridge and oven. I'm shuddering just thinking about what's living under there.

    Reviewer photo of dust removed with flexible coil brush

    2. A pack of cleaning tablets that will clean your dishwasher for you, because it's probably way dirtier than you imagine. These will break down lime and mineral build-up so your dishes come out looking as sparkly as they do in all those dish soap commercials.

    3. A pack of washing machine cleaner tablets to banish odors and break down residue so your clothes will come out feeling cleaner than ever.

    4. A two-in-one ultra-slim brush and scraper perfect for getting dust out of your bathroom's vent, caked-on dirt in your windows, and other little crevices your vacuum can't reach.

    5. A 30-foot dryer vent cleaner — because you probably had no idea you should be cleaning it. All that dirt and lint can be a major fire hazard, and a clean vent means your clothes will dry way faster.

    6. A jar of toilet fizzies — which are basically bath bombs for your toilet. Simply plop one in the bowl and let the blend of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid break down stains and kill any lingering bacteria. Oh, and it's also loaded with eucalyptus essential oil to make your porcelain throne smell like a fancy spa.

    7. A three-pronged duster to reach in between your blinds, because they are probably way dirtier than you think 😬.

    8. A Swiffer-style cleaner specifically designed for your baseboards, because honestly, when is the last time you actually cleaned them?

    9. An ozone-free Levoit air-purifier with a three-stage filtration system that'll capture allergens, pet hair, dander, smoke, mold, odor, and large dust particles floating all over your home. It's basically a must-have for anyone dealing with seasonal allergies right now.

    10. A broom and squeegee combo so you can rake up everything that your vacuum can't reach. You'll be shook when you see all the hair and dust that's hiding out in your area rugs.

    Reviewer's pile of hair and dust collected from carpet after using the broom device

    11. A garbage disposal cleaner that foams up to help break down any food residue that's been lingering in there for far too long. I'm starting to feel like adulthood is just learning about all the things you never realized you were supposed to be cleaning.

    12. Or a garbage disposal brush to help you manually scrub any built-up food residue that's probably causing that mysterious stank in your kitchen right now.

    Reviewer photo of garbage disposal brush

    13. A set of cleaning K-Cups that'll remove all of the built-up grime in your Keurig machine. You'd be surprised how much coffee residue and old coffee grinds can get stuck in the dispenser.

    14. Or a box of coffee machine-cleaning powder to flush out all of the gunk inside that you didn't even know was there. It'll also make your coffee taste way less bitter and get your carafe as sparkly clean as the day you bought it!

    Reviewer collage showing before-and-after photos of coffee pot

    15. A reusable and machine-washable duster that fits onto the Swiffer duster handle so you can stop wasting money on the flimsy disposable refills. This will get into all the small in-between spaces on your shelves that haven't been wiped clean since you've moved in. No judgment.

    Set of reusable Swiffer dusters in various colors

    16. Or a super-long duster that can reach high enough to clean your ceiling fans (yes, that needs to be dusted!) and vents and far enough to clean that weird space underneath your dresser. You could practically lay on the couch and dust every surface around you.

    17. A set of plastic flexible plumbing snake drains to instantly remove all of the annoying blockage that's causing you to stand in a puddle every time you try to take a relaxing shower. Also, pulling out the hair is equal parts disgusting and satisfying.

    Reviewer photo showing hair removed from drain using drain snake

    18. Or a TubShroom to catch all of your hair before it even has a chance to clog your drain — because no, it shouldn't take a full hour for your shower to fully drain.

    19. A well-loved robotic vacuum over 33,00 Amazon customers have left a five-star review for. It's smart enough to maneuver around and under all of your furniture, so it'll pick up all the dust and dirt you can't even see.

    20. A sprayable "miracle cleaner" to break down every morsel of grime that's made its way onto the oven racks you've probably never taken out to clean. The Princess Diaries was right — ~miracles~ truly do happen once in a while when you believe.

    21. A vegetable and fruit brush, because simply rinsing them under the water for five seconds just isn't good enough. This brush has an ergonomic circular design so you can easily scrub away at your grimy carrots and potatoes you didn't even realize were covered in filth.

    Model using vegetable brush to wash carrot

    22. A compact carpet cleaner, because all the upholstery in your home is probably way overdue for a good cleaning even if they don't look dirty. You'll love it so much, you'll probably bring it out to your car to help spruce up the interior. Basically, it'll be your new best friend.

    23. An all-natural oven scrub made with gritty pumice stone so you can really go to town on that pizza that exploded and left a mess everywhere. It'll even clean all the hard-to-reach spots on your racks and oven door that you usually overlook.

    24. An easily washable drip catcher to automatically mop up any water splashes and stop the back of your sink from getting gross and mildewy.

    25. A univeral descaler that will remove limescale and calcium buildup to restore your shower heard back to its former shiny self.

    Model soaking shower head in Durgol universal descaler

    26. A jetted tub cleaner if your tub is just a little too grimy for comfort. It'll remove all the gunk trapped in the places you can't even see, so your tub will be the cleanest it's ever been.

    Reviewer photo showing before-and-after results of using jetted tub cleaner

    27. A Shark steam mop so you can stop fumbling around with a bulky old-school mop and bucket. This sleek device uses the power of steam to lift away grime — and the results are equal parts disgusting and satisfying.

    28. A microwave steam cleaner, because the mess in there doesn't just disappear when you close the door and walk away. This little device uses the power of sheer anger (and steam) to eliminate dirt and stains from your microwave.

    29. A giant lint roller on a stick to quickly become any pet owner's new best friend. The handle makes it possible to reach under furniture without bending down — though you'll probably be grossed out by all the hair it picks up.

    Model using lint roller on a stick in various spaces

    30. A refresher powder you can sprinkle all over your carpet and rugs before you vacuum to neutralize odors and have them looking fluffy and clean. You can also sprinkle some on your mattress if it needs a little refresh.

    Bag of Ash and Indigo carpet freshener powder in front of a bundle of lavender

    31. A clog remover to dissolve any built-up grease and food scraps, because no, your sink shouldn't take five minutes to completely drain.