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    25 Products For The Days When Showering Just Isn't An Option

    No judgements — we've all been there.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A dry shampoo foam — yes, I said foam — that'll help you freshen and restyle your locks at the same time. It will give your hair a clean slate and stop you from throwing your brush out of the window when your curls just won't cooperate.

    2. A pack of body wipes so you can easily freshen up and wipe away dirt and sweat after you hit the gym and have absolutely no time to take a shower. They're infused with a calming lavender scent, so you'll probably smell better than you did before the workout!

    3. Or a pack of face and body wipes with menthol for a tingly sensation that will have you smelling and feeling so fresh you'll basically forget what a shower even is.

    4. A no-rinse foaming body cleanser that is literally a shower in a bottle. You can quickly spread some on when you need a fast refresh — and you can even use it on your hair when dry shampoo just isn't cutting it.

    5. A pack of rinse-free bath sponges – they're a must-have for any camping trips you've planned this summer. Just add water to activate the sudsy foaming formula, smooth over your body, then gently wipe the suds away with a towel.

    6. A cream-to-powder lotion you'll want to have on-hand for the days when you know you'll be breaking a sweat. Not only will it deodorize and mop up moisture, it'll also prevent the dreaded thigh-chafing and boob sweat.

    7. A pack of plant-based biodegradable flushable wipes that are so gentle and ph-balanced you can use them to freshen up basically anywhere on your body. Your toilet paper will be so jealous.

    8. A cooling toner spray designed to be applied below the belt to keep the ... um ... "jewels" feeling fresh and clean at all times. It also includes aloe and witch hazel, making it perfect for preventing razor bumps after manscaping sessions.

    9. A pack of easy-to-use deodorant wipes so you can give your underarms a quick scrub down while also neutralizing odors. These are basically a must for your post-gym-pre-work ritual.

    Model holding package of Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes

    10. A fragrant mist that comes in nine delicious scents for you to spray all over you body and hair. You'll be so glad you have it when you lie to yourself and say "I'll take a shower in the morning!" when you know good and well you're going to hit snooze 20 times and then rush out the door.

    Model holding bottle of Pacifica Moonray Bloom Hair and Body Mist

    11. A de-frizzing dry shampoo if you love the idea of dry shampoo but hate the extra volume it usually gives you. This will be a life-saver for anyone with curly or wavy texture.

    12. A well-loved "defunk" spray that uses lavender and rosemary to neutralize odors without absorbing your hair's natural oils. It'll also soothe an itchy scalp and help you extend the time in between washes if you're trying to cut back.

    Model holding bottle of Defunk Hair Odor Neutralizing Tonic

    13. A refreshing "power shower" you can spray all over to freshen up when your pre-work gym session lasts a little longer than you expected. It even has a time-released formula so it'll keep you smelling fresh throughout the day — which your co-workers will definitely be grateful for.

    Closeup shot of Power Shower Post Workout Cleaning Spray on blue background

    14. A refreshing body spray that will not only have you smelling like an energizing blend of lavender, eucalyptus, and spearmint, but will also have your skin feeling tingly so you can cool off when the summer weather gets the best of you.

    Three sizes of Rooted Earth Made In The Shade Cooling Body Spray in various sizes

    15. An aluminum-free deodorant cream – it's safe for underarms and any areas below the belt that need a little freshening up.

    Model squeezing Lume deodorant cream onto fingertip

    16. A unique spray that takes the "dry" out of dry shampoo thanks to its silky amino acids. It'll leave your hair feeling refreshed and shiny, and it even comes in several shades for different hair colors so you won't have to worry about any embarrassing powdery residue showing.

    Four bottles of dry shampoo spray

    17. A pack of cleaning wipes made specifically for your face so you can lift away dirt, sweat, and oil on the days when you simply don't have the energy to use a traditional cleanser.

    18. A dry shampoo that's specially designed to continue mopping up excess oils for hours after you spray it so you won't have to do constant touch-ups throughout the day.

    19. An anti-frizz treatment made with bamboo extract that proves you don't have to put up with frizzy hair in between wash days. It works well on dry hair, so no need to re-wet it — just smooth it on and get to styling!

    the product being squirt into a hand

    20. A leave-in conditioning spray that will detangle unruly unwashed hair with a blend of argan oil, shea butter, and quinoa extract with just a few sprays. It also smells like a delicious orange Creamsicle, so you'll be looking and smelling like a snack at the same time.

    21. A Moroccanoil treatment made with argan oil and linseed seed extract that you can apply directly to dry hair to tame flyaways, reduce frizz, or simply add some extra moisture and shine when your hair is looking a little limp in between washes.

    22. A pack of highly rated facial cleaning wipes for the days when you need to fool everyone into thinking you did your full skin care routine. They're powerful enough to remove stubborn waterproof mascara yet gentle enough for sensitive skin.

    23. A plant-based dry shampoo for all hair types that will become a lifesaver when you wake up way too late to even think about a shower. Simply apply a few sprays of this unscented formula on your roots and comb through to absorb excess oil and refresh your hair.

    24. A dry conditioner — yes, conditioner! — you can use alongside your trusty dry shampoo to add some extra shine and moisture without weighing it down.

    25. And an all-natural deodorant for those of us who start sweating at the mere mention of summer. Sometimes a trusty deodorant is all you need to get through those too-busy-to-shower days.

    You fooling everyone into thinking you took a shower this morning: