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    28 Personalized Gifts That Are Thoughtful But Require Little To No Effort

    It's the thought that counts, but who has time to think?

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    1. A chain-style necklace with an easy-to-use clasp in the front so they'll never have to awkwardly ask someone to put it on for them.

    2. A wooden photo print that's a way more ~aesthetic~ upgrade to the standard canvas print. You can personalize it with a picture of their family, pets, or yourself — because you're truly a gift and they should never forget it.

    3. A puzzle that replicates the the front page of The New York Times from a special date of your choosing. You can choose any date starting from Sept. 18, 1851.

    Model putting together puzzle meant to look like the front page of The New York Times

    4. An incredibly adorable mug with an animated character you can customize to look just like your gift recipient. You can choose everything from their hairstyle to their clothing colors.

    Set of four white mugs with custom animated characters and names

    5. A laser-engraved cutting board for a gift that looks truly expensive and thoughtful. In reality, you paid less than $50 and simply wrote their name in a form. But we won't tell.

    Reviewer photo of wooden cutting board engraved to say Ria's Kitchen

    6. A pair of socks with their pet's face on it that they'll show off to literally everyone they cross paths with.

    7. An initial necklace that'll quickly become their go-to signature accessory.

    8. Or a gold-plated pendant necklace engraved with their initial if they want a more subtle way to rep their own name.

    9. A Baublebar pavé initial necklace that's equal parts dainty and flashy. It would look excellent in a stack, but it's also eye-catching enough on its own.

    10. A custom photo frame that is genuinely thoughtful, yet only requires you to type in a few words before adding to cart. Just be prepared for many "aww!"s and maybe even some tears when they open it.

    Photo of wood photo frame with text engraved on the top and bottom

    11. A necklace you can customize with up to 15 letters — that's right, 15! So you could essentially gift them a wearable sentence if you wanted, though the seller's suggestions like "Mama" and "Babe" make way more sense.

    12. A stackable ring that will definitely be the standout accessory on their hand. You can have it engraved with their name, initials or even a special date.

    Model wearing three engraved rings and a product shot of four rings in various finishes

    13. A personalized spatula they'll think you spent way more than $10 on. You can choose between four fonts, five icons, and six colors.

    14. A vegan leather cosmetics case, because their beauty bag should live up to its name. It features two separate zippered sections, so they'll never have to rummage around in an endless black hole of makeup when looking for their lip balm.

    Blush pink cosmetics bag with a gold letter K at the top

    15. A decanter set for the booze connoisseur that takes their whiskey seriously. Or just for the person who appreciates glassware that doubles as decor.

    Monogrammed whiskey decanter set, four monogrammed whiskey glasses and a monogrammed wood box

    16. A customizable glass that'll hold 16 ounces of their favorite fruit wine while they binge Schitt's Creek for the 10th time.

    the wine glass

    17. A monogram tote bag for the person who never leaves home without literally everything they own. It's THAT spacious.

    Monogram tote bag with the letter B

    18. A pair of initial earrings that over 1,900 Amazon reviewers have given an A+ for quality and style.

    19. A necklace with their initials and birthstone because double the personalization means double the thoughtfulness.

    20. An engraved water bottle that they'll stare at constantly, which will in turn remind them to stay hydrated.

    Product shot of black water bottle with the name Leslie engraved on the front

    21. A trendy monogram mug with an elegant tiled design that adds a personal touch to the best part of waking up.

    22. A totally unique apron for the aspiring Food Network star on your list. They'll love it so much that they might just cook you something as a thank you, so it's really a gift for yourself as well.

    23. A simple yet chic engraved keychain that's so thoughtful they may never lose their keys again.

    Seven leather keychains with various name engravings

    24. A timeless bar necklace you can customize to say what ever you want: their name, nickname, initials, favorite word, coordinates — you name it!

    25. A dainty rose gold bracelet with their birthstone, because they deserve to celebrate their birthday year-round.

    26. A photo phone case that will make their iPhone truly stand out from the crowd and allow them to carry their memories with them wherever they go.

    27. A fill-in-the-blank book that requires a little more effort than the other gifts on this list, but your bestie will be seriously impressed that you took the time to create something totally unique. Gift it alongside a box of tissues just in case the tears start flowing.

    Product shot of Why You're My Bestie book

    28. And a customized Yankee Candle, because you can never go wrong with a candle or a personalized item. Put them together and you basically have the ultimate gift.

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