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26 Kitchen Gifts Under $10 They'll Actually Use

Whether they belong on "Top Chef" or "Nailed It," there's something on this list they're bound to love.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A seriously chic drying mat that might actually convince them to do the dishes (so it's basically the perfect roommate gift).


Promising review: "So excited! I got new white countertops and I love them! However, what I didn't know (because the old tops were dark gray) was that when my Keurig dispenses coffee into the cups it tends to leave splash/spatter marks on the counter. This is exactly what I wanted to hide the small coffee spatter marks. It's thick, absorbent and the perfect size for the machine, the refill pitcher and a few cups!" —Allison Piatt

Get it from Amazon for $7.99 (available in 22 colors).

2. A literary-themed cocktail kit for the liquor aficionado who likes their drinks with a healthy dose of puns.

The Tequila Mockingbird Kit featuring two cocktail stirrers, a bartender's jigger and mini booklet

Includes bartender's jigger for measuring liquor, two cocktail stirring sticks, and 48-page recipe book.

Promising review: "Bought as a gift for a book worm. Everyone enjoys reading when they visit since it is displayed in their bar." —Erin Foley

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

3. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that will add a deliciously sweet and surprisingly spicy kick to everything from pizza to ice cream.


Promising review: "This is now a staple for my kitchen. How I cooked without it before, I'll never know. Makes the best vinaigrette ever, quick pan sauces for pork, unexpected zip in dozens of dishes. Does it come in gallons? Have given it as hostess gifts several times and everyone gets hooked." —Martha Ronemus

Read our full review of Mike's Hot Honey.

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

4. A popular knife sharpener to keep their slicing skills on point.

Hand gliding knife through a slit in a green knife sharpener

Promising review: "At first, I didn't think it worked too well. But then I watched their YouTube video, and realized that you may have to pull the knife through the sharpener up to 10 times to get it sharp. After pulling through the knives about five times, the knives did indeed get very sharp. I pulled my knives through the 'coarse' side five to six times, then through the 'fine' side about four times.

Another tip I learned: set the sharpener on the edge of the counter at a 45-degree angle. (That's apparently what the V-shaped groove is for on the bottom of the sharpener.) When the sharpener is on the edge, you can pull the knives straight through and down without worrying about hitting the countertop and scratching it or breaking the tip off your knife." —Jack

Get it on Amazon for $5.99 (available in four colors).

One of our editors owns this and loves it! Read her full review of the KitchenIQ knife sharpener!

5. A cat mixing spoon so they can mix up a ~purrfect~ cup of coffee.

Cat-shaped spoon resting on the edge of a clear coffee cup

Promising review: "Love this little spoon! It fits perfectly on the edge of my coffee mug. Now I no longer have to go searching for a spoon to stir my morning coffee! Since it sits on the edge of the cup my fingers don't get sticky from a wet handle. Plus, it's absolutely adorable and makes me think of my own kitty while I'm away at work. This spoon has become an essential part of my morning routine." —Brianna S

Get it from Amazon for $2.99.

6. A clean/dirty dishwasher magnet if they're constantly getting in dish-related quarrels at home.,

Promising review: "It's cute and little. Perfect for the dishwasher. Sticks easily on the dishwasher and doesn't feel like it will fall off. Easy to rotate from clean to dirty." —Tiffany

Get it from Amazon for $5.67.

7. A fancy dishcloth for the clean-freak on your list. It's infused with charcoal, so it's super absorbent and they'll never have to worry about odors.

The Nawrap Binchotan Dishcloth in its packaging

Promising review: "The best dish cleaner ever. I am addicted." —Rae Dawn Chong

Get it from Amazon for $9.45.

8. A terra-cotta bear that will keep their brown sugar fresh for up to six months while looking ridiculously adorable.

A bear-shaped sugar freshener in front of a jar of brown sugar

Promising review: "Not only do I use one of these little fellows for my brown sugar, I picked up a tip from someone else. If you take one of these little guys and don't run him under water, but leave him perfectly dry, he will help keep your electronics such as cameras dry in the camera bags during humid months by absorbing the humidity. How perfect is that? A multi-tasking little fellow. Well worth getting multiples of. I'm sure I can find other uses as well." —A.B.A.

Get it from Amazon for $5.50.

9. A pack of plate clips so their beloved dips will never be too far away from their chips.,

Promising review: "You really do not know how badly you need these little cups until you use one. They're fantastic for dips, sauces and other little garnishments. They are much sturdier and more stable than I had expected. They're also very easy to clean." —Melissa

Get an eight-piece set from Amazon for $9.99.

10. A set of cat butt magnets that's bound to put a smile on any feline lover's face.

Six cat butt magnets placed on a white refrigerator

Promising review: "My sister-in-law the crazy cat lady LOVED them!" —G.P.C.

Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (for six).

11. A meal planner, so they can spend less money on Chipotle and more time on whipping up their own healthy concoctions.

A blank "What to Eat" notepad with spaces for each day of the week

Promising review: "As a busy working mom, I think this is fantastic! I keep an ongoing list of groceries needed on the right side (I modify mine based on what store I am going to) and then what's for dinner on the left side. I have four teenagers and there is always someone who is asking, 'What's for dinner?' so this does the trick as now they just need to look at the list! Perfect for the busy family, and LOVE the magnet on the back!" —Lauren T.

Get it from Amazon for $8.

12. A glass snack bowl with a marble base that will make them feel way less guilty about that midday popcorn break.

A small glass snack bowl with marble base in front of larger option

Get it from CB2 for $9.95+.

13. A set of silicone straws (with a cleaning brush) so they can stylishly save the turtles.,

Promising review: "I originally started out using the stainless-steel straws — but I lived in this relentless, looming anxiety that I would chip my tooth on the point where I dreaded using my straws. Which defeats the point! I thoroughly enjoy that you can chew on these. 😂 I give 5 stars all around, they come with simple plastic bag to take them for travel, AND a cleaner utensil. They're super low maintenance, because they give you the proper care and cleaning tools. They also donate to the Oceana campaign effort to save the ocean!" —Amy Marquez-Vincent

Get it from Amazon for $8.94 (for 10).

14. A set of spice-gripper clips to help make some space in their tiny kitchen.

Sets of spice-gripper clips hanging on the inside of a cabinet door

Promising review: "OMG, I love these things! Such a simple idea; how did I ever live without them? ... They hold all different circumferences of spice bottles. If some spices are too big to place all in the same connected row, you can cut off a tab and separate them. It doesn’t really affect the items on the shelves; you just have to push them back a little (maybe half an inch or so), so the spices have clearance when the door is shut." —Bridget D.

Get it from Amazon for $8.87 (for six strips).

15. A pastry mold for everything from dumplings to ravioli that will basically do all the work for them.


Promising review: "This little gadget does the job. I can make a batch of dumplings in no time at all now. It is well-made and sturdy, and turns out perfect dumplings every time. I haven't made my own dough as yet but I have been buying the wonton wrappers which are square and cutting the dumpling wrappers out of them. This machine will just fit in the square so you have very little waste. I found that if you cut three or four at a time it works better. I would recommend this to a friend." —J. Thompson

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

16. An avocado slicer and pit-remover that's perfect for the friend whose always paying extra for guac.

Hand using avocado tool to slice open avocado

Promising review: "What an awesome tool this is! I should have gotten one of these years ago! Living in SoCal, I get avocados from the farmers market all year long and this incredible tool is just fantastic. The 'knife' is plastic, yet sharp and cuts through the skin like butter! Then you flip it on its side and place the prongs over the pit and push in. The pit comes out and you push from the opposite side and it releases right into the garbage more dangerously stabbing the pit with a sharp knife to lift it out and then struggling to get it off the knife! Then flip the tool over for the third time and slide it from top to bottom for the PERFECT slices! LOVE OXO brand, and LOVE this." —MountainNurse,BSN

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

17. Or this cute avocado-shaped bowl so they can serve up their homemade guac in style.


Promising review: "Gave this to my sister as a gift. She makes a lot of salsa and guacamole. It was much bigger than I thought it would be. She likes it and has used it a lot." —Karen S. Simpson

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

18. A dishwasher-safe cauliflower and broccoli chopper, because they shouldn't have to work hard to eat healthy.

Hand using tool to chop cauliflower

Promising review: "If you have problems, like I do (with arthritis in wrists) with strength in hands and wrists, this cauliflower chopper is GREAT! My husband has taken it away and uses it now to do the chopping because it's so much easier! It doesn't take a lot of room in the drawer either!" —Rhonnie

Get it from Amazon for $9.96.

19. A set of cute yet functional basting brushes that every home chef should have in their kitchen.


Promising review: "I especially love that you can remove the brush head from the handle, which allows me to wash it so much easier. I actually prefer these to the natural bristle type because these don't mind the high heat at all. I often use em to brush the oil in my frying pan for an even coating all over the bottom, I use so much less oil that way and food won't stick." —SassyFpT

Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

20. A soap dispensing sponge holder that saves space and will help them fly through their dishes in record time. Plus, it's so much more aesthetically pleasing than leaving a bottle of dish soap on the sink.

Soap-dispensing sponge caddy with sponge placed on the top and soap at the bottom

Promising review: "Saw this soap dispenser on TikTok (like a bunch of other people did) and decided to get it and I LOVE IT! It's very practical and it doesnt take up too much space. I've only used it a couple times but I feel like it controls how much soap you use, preventing you from using too much." —Helena

Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

21. This Angry Mom cleaner that uses the power of sheer anger (and steam) to eliminate dirt and stains from their microwave.


They'll simply need to fill her up with water or vinegar and pop in the microwave for five to seven minutes while the steam does all the work for them.

Promising review: "I thought this might be a little gimmicky, but, I was willing to give it a try. I am glad I did! I barely had to touch the cleaning cloth to the walls of my microwave and the gunk just slid right off!" —W. Taylor

Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in three colors).

22. A sloth-shaped tea infuser that will remind them to take it slow and enjoy every sip.


Promising review: "This is super cute! It was easy to use. Just pop it open, place your loose leaf tea, close it and hang it in your mug. Depending on the size and texture of your tea, there might be some in the bottom of your mug. This doesn’t really bother me. I got it for myself, but it would make a cute gift or prize." —Beth Hogan

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

23. A personalized spatula they'll think you spent way more than $10 on. You can choose between four fonts, five icons, and six colors.


Promising review: "Got this for my aunt because she baked our wedding cake. It made her cry. Absolutely love it!" —Aidyn Creson

Get it from theweddingpartystore on Etsy for $9.99.

24. A cookbook they can fill with their own favorite recipes and pass down for generations to come.

Promising review: "My grandmother and mom use recipe cards. They are stained with pasta sauce and chocolate smudges. I am learning how to cook and can honestly say recipe cards are not my style. I lose them, it's that simple. Or I can't read them, or drop them behind the counter. It's a mess. Still, these are my family recipes and I want to learn them.

Got this book and immediately fell in love. It's organized, simple. It also has an SOS page in case you're out of something like butter and need to know a substitute. And best part? I don't drop it behind the counter." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

25. A tray of dachshund-shaped ice molds they'll be glad you gave them once the dog days of summer arrive.

Three dachshund-shaped ice cubes on top of an ice tray

Promising review: "Love this ice tray! The dogs come out easily and the material feels durable, definitely a great buy" —Deborah Kolie

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

26. An anti-soggy cereal bowl so their Cap'n Crunch actually stays crunchy.

the divided bowl in white

Promising review: "My husband is a little nutty about his soggy cereal, so I purchased this as kind of a joke and it has ended up being an excellent investment. It is sturdy, well made and works for so much more than cereal! My kids use them now for celery and ranch, apples and peanut butter, and chips and salsa too. Awesome little funny that turned into the kitchen gadget we did not even know we needed!" —Tatiana C.

Get it from Amazon for $8.99 (available in three colors).

27. And an insulated wine tumbler (with straw and cleaning brush), because they definitely deserve a drink for making it through 2020.

Red wine tumbler with included straw and cleaning brush

Promising review: "Can’t tell you how happy I am with these cups! Expensive quality for a great price. I’ve been using them this summer and after hours outside, the ice cubes are still going strong!" —Laura M

Get it from Amazon for $6.99+ (available in 13 colors).

Some reviews in this post have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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