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    38 Products If Your Kitchen Has Practically Zero Storage Space

    Because extra storage space means room for more snacks.

    1. An over-the-cabinet storage shelf so you'll always have an easy way to store your cutting boards and smaller pans instead of mindlessly throwing them in and hoping for the best.

    2. An adjustable rack to neatly store your pans, muffin tins, and pie trays so you can quickly grab what you need and get your bake on.

    3. A food container lid organizer, because finding the matching top to your Tupperware container shouldn't feel like an impossible task.

    Before and after image of reviewer's messy drawer full of lids now completely organized

    4. A K-Cup organizer that'll allow you to store your precious capsules of caffeine goodness underneath your cabinets and make room for more unnecessary but oh-so-cute coffee mugs.

    5. An under-cabinet wineglass holder because wine glasses are 100% necessary in every kitchen but WOW do they take up so much space. Now you can just store them under the cabinet and consider them décor.

    Metal wire frame holding upside wine glasses

    6. A small yet spacious clip-on drawer so you can use literally every inch of fridge space and stop rearranging your shelves every time you buy groceries.

    7. A nifty shelving unit made specifically for the unruly collection of water bottles you've accumulated over the years. This will make it much easier to grab the one you want for the day and put it back once you wash it.

    Model placing water bottle on storage rack in cabinet

    8. A genius stackable storage rack for 2-liter bottles of soda, because your Diet Coke addiction doesn't have to result in a cluttered fridge.

    9. These ridiculously convenient magnetic bottle holders so you'll always have easy access to your favorite brews and still have plenty of storage space underneath them.

    the magnetic strips holing the bottles in a fridge

    10. A super slim pitcher that fits right inside the underutilized space in your refrigerator's door — because the orange juice you bought specifically for Sunday mimosas is taking up WAY too much space in its original carton.

    Reviewer photo of pitcher inside fridge door's shelf

    11. An innovative yogurt holder that will let you slide them on the side of your fridge instead of letting them take up valuable shelf space.

    12. A 12-piece set of nesting food storage containers with easily stackable lids — which is honestly pure genius. This will basically triple the amount of storage space in your cursed Tupperware cabinet.

    13. A pasta strainer that's worth buying simply for the fact that you can now toss the bulky colander that's taking up way too much space in your cabinet. The super cute whale design is just an irresistible bonus!

    Model using whale-shaped pasta strainer

    14. An expandable spice rack so you can actually see the massive collection of seasonings you've somehow accumulated over the years.

    The U-shaped rack placed inside a cabinet with spices neatly organized on top of it

    15. Or! A set of spice-gripper clips because your kitchen is way too small to not be utilizing literally every single inch of space inside your cabinet.

    Sets of spice-gripper clips hanging on the inside of a cabinet door

    16. OR! A pack of spice liners so you'll never have to fumble around in your drawers and cabinets to find the cinnamon. The soft fabric keeps the bottles in place and labels facing up, so your spice drawer will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

    17. A handmade organizer for plastic storage bags so you can grab whatever size you need without the bulky boxes getting in the way.

    Handmade wooden sandwich bag dispenser placed on counter

    18. A tiered shelf with three spaces so all of your bottles are perfectly in reach every time you need them.

    Various bottles and spices placed on three-tiered stand

    19. A shelf with several hooks that simply hangs with a powerful adhesive and has *so* many uses. You can stick it above your stove for a place to store your go-to spices and oils, or place it on the side of your fridge for extra condiment storage.

    Caddy basket hanging in kitchen with spices and condiments inside

    20. A sliding shelf so you can actually see, reach for, and eat your food before it expires and falls into the endless black hole at the back of your cabinet.

    21. An expandable shelf that'll make it easy to stack all your coffee cups and bowls. The shelf itself is easily stackable, so you can buy a few and create multiple levels.

    Reviewer's before-and-after results showing how expandable shelves help organize cabinets

    22. A corner shelf to help you utilize all that awkward unused space toward the back of your cabinets. It'll also help you get rid of that shaky pile of dishes that looks like it's going to come crashing down at any minute.

    Dishes and cups placed on corner shelf in cabinet

    23. A four-pack of plastic stackable food storage bins so you can use every bit of vertical space in your cabinet and get to stacking all those un-stackable items.

    Two clear plastic food storage bins stacked on top of each other

    24. A magnetic knife and utensil holder to free up some counter space and wow everyone who steps foot in your kitchen.

    The wall-mounted stainless-steel strip holding up a set of knives and whisk

    25. A roll-up dish-drying rack that's a major space saver and surprisingly multifunctional. It can also be used as a trivet mat on your countertop or simply as a way to turn your sink into some extra counter space when you're cooking. My fellow tiny apartment dwellers, rejoice!

    The rack unfurled over a sink, with several glasses drying on top of it

    26. A handcrafted organizer to give you the perfect place to store your tumbler lids instead of stacking them in an unstable pile and hoping they don't topple over.

    27. A drawer organizer insert so you can stop rummaging through all your kitchen tools just to find the measuring spoons.

    Model placing tongs into red drawer organizer

    28. A set of fridge bins to add some order to your chaotic mess of groceries. And because you'll be able to actually see all your food, you might just end up using that bag of lettuce before it goes bad!

    Reviewer photo showing the inside of a fridge organized using the bins

    29. A space-saving wine rack for anyone whose fridge is a bit too small for storing them upright. It's perfect for pretending you have your very own wine cellar right in your fridge.

    30. A wooden organizer which also doubles as a dispenser for plastic wrap, wax paper, and aluminum foil. It's time you toss those annoying cardboard boxes for something way more elegant.

    31. A can dispensing rack to add some order to the ridiculous amount of canned veggies and soups you panic-bought during a buy one, get one free sale at the start of the pandemic.

    Cans placed in dispenser rack inside cabinet

    32. A game-changing pan and pot lid organizer, because reaching for your favorite cookware shouldn't feel like playing a game of Jenga in your cabinet.

    33. An organizer tray to keep all of your silverware in its proper place, because not every drawer should be a junk drawer. The slanted, stacked design will also add so much extra space.

    The tray with slanted slots to separate the utensils

    34. A tea bag organizer since tea time is supposed to be a relaxing, orderly experience. You'll save so much space once you get rid of those unnecessary boxes.

    35. A rotating utensil holder so you can spin away and grab whatever you need. It might also fool people into thinking you cook regularly, so it's a win-win.

    The utensil holder in stainless steel with a rubber bottom

    36. A can dispensing rack to hold all your favorite sodas — because it's finally time to ditch those flimsy cardboard boxes.

    37. A two-tiered turntable so you can spin all of your spices and canned goods instead of taking them out one-by-one just to find what you need.

    38. And an adjustable wrap stand so you can easily find your plastic wrap and aluminum foil — because be honest, you usually just throw them in a random cabinet and hope you remember where you put them later.

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