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24 Tech Gifts That Are Basically Futuristic Versions Of Everyday Items

Water bottles with built-in Bluetooth speakers? What a time to be alive.

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1. A pack of smart plugs so they can use their phone (or ask Alexa) to control their lights without ever leaving their bed. The plugs come in a pack of four, so they can add a little touch of convenience to multiple rooms in their home.

2. A gorgeous water bottle that keeps track of their daily water intake and glows when they're running behind on their hydration goals — because we could all use some help being a little less thirsty.

3. Or this water bottle with a Bluetooth speaker on the cap so they can hydrate during lulls in their playlist.

4. A iRobot Roomba vacuum that will keep their floors clean without them ever having to lift a finger — unless it's to set up a cleaning schedule with the app. It's perfect for the friend whose house is always covered in dog hair.

5. A voice-controlled microwave so they can shout, "Alexa, microwave for two minutes" and truly feel like they're living in the future.

Amazon Basics microwave on kitchen counter

6. An automatic pet feeder that will let them schedule up to 15 feedings a day. They can also record a greeting that plays with every meal, and I'm crying just thinking about how cute that is.

7. A lighted mirror with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, because what's the point of applying a full face of Fenty Beauty if you don't have Rihanna blasting in the background?

8. A surprisingly affordable smart watch so they can view their text messages, e-mails, fitness goals and other notifications at the flick of the wrist. Oh, and it also tells time.

9. A high-tech upgrade to the toothbrush they definitely haven't been replacing every three months. It connects to their smartphone to track brushing habits and highlight areas that need a little more love.

Colgate Hum toothbrush next to smartphone with the accompanying app

10. A fancy smart mug that will keep their coffee, tea or other hot beverage of choice at the perfect temperature. It lasts for 90 minutes on a single charge, and if they have enough self-control to make a cup of coffee last longer than that, I simply cannot relate.

11. A light bulb that can change colors with the simple press of a button on their phone. They can also use the app to dim the lights and turn them on and off, so they basically never have to touch a lamp ever again.

12. A coffee maker that connects to their Echo Dot so Alexa can become their live-in barista.

Reviewer photo of coffee maker on kitchen counter next to an Alexa-enabled device

13. A self-cleaning litter box so their cat can basically take care of itself and be the self-sufficient head-of-household it thinks it is.

14. A trash can that opens with just a wave of their hand, because they shouldn't have to handle any more garbage this year.

15. A smart lock to provide them some much-needed peace of mind when they leave their home. It works with most existing locks, so they won't have to worry about any ridiculously complicated installation.

16. A kitchen scale that connects with their phone to track calories while providing precise measurements.

Smart scale with grapefruit on top next to smartphone with accompanying app and three batteries

17. A digital picture frame they can use to display a slideshow of all their favorite memories. They'll see something new every time they look at it, so it's truly a gift that keeps on giving.

18. A pair of Bluetooth-enabled Under Armour shoes if they prefer their fitness trackers on their feet instead of their wrist. The sensor tracks their running metrics so they know what to improve next time.

the UA HOVR Sonic 3 Running Shoes in red

19. A beanie with built-in Bluetooth headphones, because wearing a beanie and earbuds is never a comfortable experience.

20. An essential oil diffuser and humidifier they can control with an app since they shouldn't have to leave the couch to enjoy some aromatherapy.

21. A smart lamp so they can coordinate their lighting to their mood with a simple touch of their phone.

22. A fingerprint padlock so they'll never have to rummage around in their pocket looking for their key before realizing they left it at home.

Product shot of fingerprint padlock next to model holding smartphone with accompanying app

23. A rechargeable USB lighter that is basically a must-have for any candle lover, because there's nothing worse than running out of lighter fuel when you've already lit two of the three wicks on your new Bath and Body Works candle.

24. And an Instant Pot that's fully programmable over Wi-Fi so they can truly set it and forget it. It's an eight-in-one device, so they'll be able to pressure cook, sauté, bake perfect cakes, make creamy yogurt and more all in the same pot.

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