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    22 Helpful Accessories To Get The Most Out Of Your AirPods

    Come for the helpful silicone ear tips, stay for the weirdly cute crossbody bag.

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    1. A monogrammed cover for your charging case so you'll never have to worry about having the same generic silicone cover as everybody else.

    AirPods cases with gold monogram letters and floral prints

    2. Or a customizable decal you can stick right on your case if you didn't opt for Apple's engraving options and are seriously regretting it. This will definitely come in handy in a household full of Apple users.

    Two decals placed onto AirPods cases

    3. A set of memory foam ear tips for the AirPods Pro that form perfectly to the unique shape of your ear and add a level of cloud-like softness you won't get with the originals.

    4. A vibrant floral case by Rifle Paper Co. that's so stylish it basically doubles as a fashion accessory. Plus, there's a chic gold hoop so you can clip it to your handbag, keys or belt loop and really make everyone jealous.

    5. A silicone stand you can place right on your bedside table so you'll always wake up to a fully charged AirPods case. Nobody should have to start their morning with that sad low-battery "doot-doot" sound 😔.

    6. Or this four-in-one wireless charging station that's a must-have for any Apple fanatic. You can power up your iPhone, AirPods, Apple Pencil and Apple Watch all at the same time — all while getting rid of those pesky tangled charging cords.

    Four in one wireless charging stand with iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch and Apple Pencil

    7. A magnetic strap that connects both of your AirPods so you'll never have to worry about losing one of them in the middle of an intense workout.

    8. A set of silicone covers to provide a much more secure and snug fit — and eliminate any irrational fears of your AirPod flying out of your ear and down a sewer grate. If you find AirPods way too small and slippery for yours, these are a must.

    9. A heavy-duty and fully waterproof case so your expensive earbuds will be completely safe when you get caught in a rainstorm... or if you accidentally spill your coffee on them. I just feel like one of you has been there.

    Pink and purple Waterproof AirPods case opened to reveal AirPods inside

    10. A wireless charger that is the perfect size for both your AirPods and AirPods Pro — and powerful enough to charge through most protective cases.

    AirPods Pro placed on wireless charger

    11. A sleek case that will add wireless charging capabilities to older AirPods without unnecessary added bulk.

    AirPods placed in wireless charger case on wireless charging pad

    12. A super rugged AirPods Pro case, because you should definitely be protecting your $200 headphones like the precious angels that they are.

    13. A set of ear tips to give your normal AirPods a similar in-ear fit as the AirPods Pro. Many reviewers say they even help improve the sound quality, so it's like two upgrades for the price of one.

    Amazon reviewer photo of AirPods with silicone ear tips

    14. A carrying pouch that will keep your AirPods super secure and safe during your commute and even has enough room for a few extra accessories.

    15. A simple yet reliable silicone case over 30,000 Amazon reviewers have raved over. It even comes with a tiny flap to keep the charging port safe and dust-free when not in use.

    16. An Apple Watch attachment so you'll always have a place to store your AirPods even when you don't have your charging case nearby.

    17. A PopSocket case that attaches right to the back of your phone so you'll never have to go searching frantically for your charging case ever again.

    18. A highly rated audio transmitter so you can use your AirPods with any device that somehow still isn't Bluetooth capable in the year 2021 (*cough*Nintendo Switch*cough*).

    19. Apple's wireless charging case for any of you who were slightly disappointed when you realized you were gifted the cheaper, nonwireless version over the holidays.

    Amazon reviewer photo of AirPods wireless charging case next to product box

    20. A clip-on attachment that turns any hat into a helpful spot to store your AirPods and is sure to spark a few conversations.

    Model wearing green AirPod holder clipped onto hat

    21. A case you can also wear as a tiny cross-body bag, which is honestly kind of a look.

    22. And a belt holder if you want your AirPods to literally never leave your side. Plus, it will make you totally nostalgic for the days when beepers were all the rage.

    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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