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    30 Things To Make Mundane Everyday Tasks Feel Way More Exciting

    Including a waterproof speaker to upgrade your shower concerts, a pair of lightsaber chop sticks, and a slightly gross yet totally adorable snail soap dispenser.

    1. A pair of light-up "chop sabers" so you can bring a touch of the force to every meal — and have a post-lunch light saber battle afterward.

    Reviewers holding light-up lightsaber chopsticks

    2. A set of reusable shopping bags that fold up into adorable little fruits — so they're way too cute to accidentally leave at home. You're practically guaranteed to get at least five compliments on your next Target run.

    3. A double-sided magnet you can place on the dishwasher so Baby Yoda (Or is it Grogu? I can't keep up) can help you remember if those dishes are actually dirty or if you just forgot to unload them yet again.

    4. A folding tabletop mirror with some impressively bright lights that will have you saying "Hey guys, welcome back to my channel!" like the glamorous beauty influencer you were meant to be. No judgments if you talk your invisible audience through your makeup tutorial.

    5. A waterproof speaker so you can take your shower concerts to the next level. It has an impressive 12-hour battery life on a single charge, meaning you can shout and cry your way through Olivia Rodrigo's Sour approximately 20 times before needing to recharge.

    6. And a light-up shower head to help your 2021 Shower World Tour will have the dramatic production value it truly deserves.

    7. A heat-resistant mug with an adorable little bear on the inside that is so stinkin' adorable it might just convince you to close the Starbucks app and make coffee at home for once.

    8. A nifty gadget to turn a pea-sized amount of your favorite liquid facial cleanser into a cloud-like mound of fluffy foam that is much easier to spread and feels amazing on sensitive skin.

    9. An iPhone charger that lights up when you plug it in, so you can basically see all the power going to your phone. It even turns off once your phone reaches 100% so you'll know exactly when it's safe to resume your late-night TikTok scrolling.

    10. A pack of rainbow-tinted silverware to add a magical touch to all of your meals and make you a little less sad that you're actually being responsible and eating leftovers instead of ordering from Postmates.

    11. A dog bowl that turns meal time into a mentally stimulating game of "find the treat." It'll stop your pupperooni from inhaling their dinner in approximately five seconds, meaning you'll actually have time to eat yours in peace.

    12. A facial scrubber with an adorable little face and tiny whiskers that will become the skincare sidekick you never knew you needed. Simply plop some of your cleanser inside and let the silicone bristles gently exfoliate to reveal a glowing complexion that'll have you saying, "new skin, who dis?!"

    13. A pasta server shaped like the friendliest dinosaur you've ever seen that'll make eating spaghetti for the fifth night in a row feel a little less boring.

    Dinosaur-shaped pasta server sitting over bowl of pasta

    14. A tortilla towel so you'll feel as warm and toasty as a burrito when it's finally time to dry off and say goodbye to the beach — and stop by Chipotle on the way home.

    15. A spaghetti monster colander that looks like it was beamed down directly from space to help you solve any and all pasta predicaments. Its eyes double as ergonomic handles, and let's face it, it also makes for an excellent hat.

    16. An elephant-shaped toothbrush holder with a draining hole in its 3D-printed snout. It'll be like going to the zoo every time you brush your teeth, without the overpriced tickets.

    17. A snail hand soap dispenser that's equal parts charming and gross. So basically, everyone who steps into your bathroom will be obsessed with it.

    Model dispensing soap from snail-shaped dispenser

    18. A set of little wool penguins to help you say goodbye to dryer sheets for good. Simply throw them in the dryer and these little fluff balls will help soften fabric, smooth out wrinkles, and keep your clothes static-free.

    19. A pack of shower steamers, which are basically like bath bombs for those of us without a tub. Throw it on your shower floor and let the 100% eucalyptus essential oil help clear your sinuses and make you feel like you're at a serene spa.

    Bag of Relax Away Essentials eucalyptus shower steamers

    20. Or a popular pouch filled with eucalyptus leaves if you want an even more natural experience. You can tie it to the shower head or your tub's faucet and let the steam release all that eucalyptus goodness to help relieve some of those allergy-induced headaches.

    21. A ridiculously adorable set of Blue's Clues-themed salt and pepper shakers to add a pinch of nostalgia to all your meals. I mean, you guys — LOOK AT PAPRIKA! I CAN'T HANDLE THIS.

    Blue's Clues-themed salt and pepper shaker set

    22. An egg holder that makes it so much easier to lower eggs into boiling water thanks to the help of six cute penguins. You can cook, serve, and store your hard-boiled eggs right in their flappy little arms!

    23. A Post-it note holder to not only put a smile on your face every time you look at it, but also do a pretty great job of keeping your precious sticky notes safe and secure until you're ready to use them.

    Cat-shaped Post-It note holder placed on desk

    24. A set of ice cream spoons that are perfect for shoveling Halo Top straight from the pint when you've just had one of those days...for the seventh time this week.

    25. A pair of fluffy slippers with microfiber mops on the soles so you can get some cleaning done while you make your way from the couch to the kitchen and back to couch again. No one will know you haven't touched your mop in weeks.

    26. A brush shaped like a freshly bloomed flower to add some major spring vibes to your least favorite chore. It even comes with its own little vase so it doubles as super cute kitchen décor!

    27. A helpful water bottle that gives you time-marked goals so getting your 64 ounces a day feels like a fun challenge rather than a chore.

    Reviewer photo of blue time-marked water bottle placed on desk with times ranging from 9 AM to 7PM and text that reads "Let's Get Started," "You're Getting There," "Half-way," "Almost Done," and "Refill Time"

    28. A key holder with a fun surprise. When you place a key on the hook-shaped tail, a tiny squirrel pops up and looks oh-so-happy to see you. Although the squirrel goes away when you take the key off, so I'd basically never leave my house.

    29. A pack of hydrogen peroxide-infused tablets that are basically like bath bombs for your toilet. If your toilet is looking embarrassingly dingy, just pop one of these cubes in the bowl and let the fizzy action break down all the nastiness that's accumulated throughout the week.

    Model holding jar of toilet bombs place on sink

    30. And a Loch Ness Monster ladle to help serve all your favorite soups and stews. It even has tiny little legs so it can stand by and guard your kitchen when not in use.

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