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    35 Things To Help Keep Your Dog Happy In 2021

    Happy doggo, happy life.

    1. Waterproof dog shoes to protect your pupper's little toe beans from the mysterious white stuff that's suddenly covering the ground.

    2. An adorable personalized bandana so everyone your fluff ball passes can address them respectfully by name. It even has an adjustable collar so they can wear it as they grow.

    Reviewer photo of dog wearing personalized bandana

    3. A lightweight insulated dog vest that even the pickiest pooch won't dread wearing. It's perfect for those early morning walks, and it's specially designed to not get in the way when nature calls.

    4. Or a reversible dog coat with a fleece lining on one side and a water-resistant coating on the other so they'll be warm and protected on those unexpectedly rainy days.

    5. A portable paw washer to stop them from tracking mud all through the house. It's basically a little doggy pedicure in a jar.

    Reviewer collage showing before and after results of using portable paw washer

    6. A cooling, comfortable bed so your pupperino can beat the heat once the dog days of summer roll around. The water-activated design quickly becomes dry to the touch but will still keep your dog from overheating.

    7. An allergy supplement that contains vitamins, protein, fiber, and antioxidants said to boost their immune system and protect them from seasonal, skin, and environmental allergies.

    8. A cozy burrow bed so they'll stop hogging the couch and have their own comfy place to relax. It features an orthopedic foam base, so it'll be super easy on their tired joints.

    9. A dog house heater so they can spend some time outside without getting the shivers. It has a chew-proof cord and rounded edges, so you can rest assured that they'll be no electrical mishaps from curious puppers.

    Reviewer photo of two dogs next to dog house heater

    10. An absorbent microfiber dog towel so you can quickly dry them off before they run away and rub their wet fur all over the house.

    Model drying off dog with microfiber towel

    11. A personalized, super soft microfiber dog robe for the pupper who needs to decompress and wind down after a stressful bath session.

    Dog wearing personalized robe

    12. A nonskid microfiber doggy doormat to easily dry and clean their paws after they've spent some time outside getting all their zoomies out.

    Reviewer photo of dog laying on doormat

    13. A trimmer for furry paws so you can keep them looking clean and pampered between trips to the groomer. It features a low vibration design, so it won't startle even the most skittish fur baby.

    Dog trimmer next to before-and-after photos of trimmed fur

    14. A dog tag you can truly personalize to the very last detail. It's available in three shapes and 50 patterns, and you can add as much or as little info about your pooch as you want.

    Ten dog tags in various shapes and patterns

    15. Bissell Stomp N' Go stain lifting pads that make cleaning up after accidents so easy — seriously, you don't even have to scrub. Simply place a pad over the stain, press down with your foot, then remove to reveal a good-as-new carpet.

    Reviewer before-and-after photo of using stain remover pads

    16. Or a pack of pet potty training pads so you can reduce the amount of accident stains you have to clean up.

    Reviewer photo of puppy on potty training pad

    17. An Aquapaw licking pad you can fill with peanut butter and place on your shower wall so they stay occupied and distracted while you give them a good bath.

    18. A grooming glove so you can sneakily remove excess fur by simply petting them.

    Reviewer wearing grooming mitt filled with fur

    19. An easily adjustable and ridiculously adorable bandana that comes in so many vibrant prints, so you're bound to find one that matches their vibe.

    20. A snout soother made with grape seed oil, hempseed oil, and jojoba oil so their noses stay soft and highly boopable.

    21. A personalized dog collar so your pupper will be easily identifiable if they ever go missing. It's made with soft nylon webbing and comes in fun colors, so they won't be embarrassed to wear it.

    22. An interactive dog toy for the dog who loves to play hide-and-seek. Your curious canine will be entertained for hours while trying to get their paws on the squeaky squirrels.

    23. A joint supplement made with glucosamine to lubricate their joints and keep them flexible and pain-free. It also tastes delicious, so this is the rare supplement they'll actually look forward to.

    24. An anti-fungal antibacterial spray made with soothing aloe to treat everything from allergies to skin infections. The fresh scent will also keep them feeling and smelling clean in between baths.

    Reviewer before-and-after photo showing results of using antibacterial spray on dog's paw

    25. An antibacterial toothpaste to keep your doggo's chomps looking shiny and their breath smelly minty fresh.

    26. Or a liquid tartar remover for the dog who is too antsy to stay still for a thorough brushing. You can simply place it in their normal water bowl and let them sip it up — the formula with banish bad breath and keep their teeth healthy with no brushing required.

    27. An ear treatment to soothe ear infections and reduce inflammation. It's a no-sting formula, so they'll barely even notice it.

    reviewer before-and-after of their dog's ear looking much less swollen and infected after using the treatment

    28. A battery-powered nail grinder for the puperoncino whose a little too fidgety for normal clippers.

    Reviewer photo of dog's nails before-and-after using nail grinder

    29. An eye rinse to reduce irritation caused by germs and bacteria. It'll also help reduce tear stains and pesky allergies caused by smog and pollen.

    Reviewer photo showing before-and-after results of using dog's eye after using eye rinse

    30. A set of mini combs that'll help remove crust and dried mucous around their eyes so you can stop tear stains before they even have a chance to form.

    31. A cleansing wrinkle cream so you can keep their adorable rolls, folds, and tail pockets free of fungus and bacteria.

    32. A flea and tick shampoo that contains aloe, lanolin, coconut extract, and oatmeal to soothe sensitive skin while getting rid of fleas, ticks, flea eggs, flea larvae and lice.

    33. Or a super gentle medicated dog shampoo to treat fungal and bacterial infections, as well as colloidal oatmeal and allantoin to moisturize and speed up the healing process.

    Reviewer photo showing results of using medicated shampoo on dog

    34. A humidifier that'll banish all those problems caused by cold, winter air. Their snouts will stay nice and moisturized and they'll probably have a much easier time breathing.

    Humidifier placed on table with mist coming from the top

    35. And a dainty, adorable crown so your dog can feel like the king or queen they truly are.

    Dog wearing TwinkyPaws crown

    Your precious little pooch living their best life in 2021:

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