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    26 Adorable Stocking Stuffers They'll Immediately Put On Their Desk

    Work hard from home, play hard from home.

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    1. A Bluetooth speaker that packs big sound into a tiny retro package. It also has a speakerphone option so you can add some vintage flair to all of your boring work calls.

    2. A ridiculously adorable Baby Yoda (or The Child, sorry nerds) desk lamp so The Force will be with them even during the most stressful of work days.

    The Child mini desk lamp placed on desk

    3. A fun block daily calendar for the person who can barely keep track of what day it is anymore.

    Daily calendar featuring four blocks with the day of the week, month, and day

    4. A talking Bob Ross bobblehead so they can take a moment to appreciate the joy of painting when things get a bit too stressful.

    Mini artwork booklet next to talking Bob Ross bobblehead

    5. A rose gold monogrammed pencil holder that will add some organization and personalization to the chaos on their desk.

    Monogram pencil cups filled with pens placed on table

    6. An elephant-shaped phone holder since everyone needs a cute desk pet, especially one that will also keep their mess of pens and pencils in their proper place.

    Elephant-shaped phone holder with with iPhone and various supplies placed on desk

    7. An instantly recognizable picture frame for the person who just keeps re-watching Friends on an endless loop instead of watching new shows.

    Friends-themed picture frame shaped like the yellow frame around the peephole in Monica's apartment

    8. A mini bubble tea light for the friend who is made up of 98% boba at this point.

    Mini boba tea-shaped lamp placed on a stack of books

    9. Or a mini dumpling that's stuffed with warm, comforting light and can fit right in the palm of their hand.

    Mini dumpling-shaped light on kitchen counter

    10. A tiny electronic skee ball game since they probably miss playing their favorite arcade game right about now.

    Mini skee-ball game next to nine silver balls

    11. A nifty five-in-one pen they can use as a ruler, bubble level, screwdriver or touchscreen stylus. Or, you know, as a pen.

    Five-in-one pen placed on top of notebook

    12. A fragrant candle to help them stay focused and, more importantly, remind them that they are fabulous.

    Black jar candle that reads "Focused and Fabulous"

    13. An old school alarm clock that will snap them out of their midday TikTok marathon and remind them to get back to work.

    Alarm clock placed on glass table

    14. A The Golden Girls notebook, because there's no better way to thank them for being a friend.

    15. A desktop boxing set so they can let out all their work frustrations on a tiny punching bag instead of sending another passive-aggressive email.

    16. A tiny light-up marquee to write inspirational phrases to themselves on... or write sneaky messages to their coworkers in their Zoom background.

    Light-up marquee with the words "Hello Gorgeous" placed on shelf

    17. A mini Aladdin's genie lamp so they can attempt to wish their way out of that meeting that definitely could have been an email.

    The magic lamp shaped light, which glows from the inside

    18. A Captain America Funko Pop to help them show off their love of Marvel and their favorite Chris at the same time.

    Captain America Funko Pop on table

    19. A super slim wireless charger that might be the rare stocking stuffer they actually use on a daily basis.

    20. A mini zen gardening kit to bring a sense of tranquility on those days when the mere sound of their Slack notification brings on instant anxiety.

    Mini zen garden kit next to mini booklet and product box

    21. A Jeopardy! 2021 daily calendar so they can keep their trivia skills sharp. They'll be able to go toe-to-toe with Ken Jennings in no time.

    Jeopardy daily calendar with questions category, reward, sample answer and date

    22. A set of artificial succulents with motivational quotes for the aspiring gardener who isn't actually about that plant parent life.

    Desk with three rose gold mini planters with artificial succulents placed inside

    23. A personalized photo desk calendar so they look back on their memories while planning for the future.

    Daily calendar opened to reveal custom photo template

    24. A Boo-shaped USB light for the Super Mario fanatic who needs some terrifyingly adorable company while they work from home.

    Boo-shaped USB lamp connected to laptop

    25. A sloth coffee mug so they can get caffeinated to do absolutely nothing.

    Coffee mug with sloth-shaped figure attached on the edge

    26. And a compact stand for their AirPods and Apple Watch so they'll have a place to easily charge them up when they inevitably forget to do so the night before.

    Reviewer's AirPods case and Apple Watch charging simultaneously

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