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    30 Things That'll Add Some Order To The Chaos At Your Desk

    It's time to get those cords untangled and those pens put away in their proper place.

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    1. A compact "vault" filled with tons of pockets, drawers, and compartments so you can safely store all your documents and supplies ... and maybe even a few snacks. It also easily folds up so you can move it from room to room.

    2. An absolutely ~purrrfect~ Post-it note holder that will not only put a smile on your face every time you look at it, but also does a pretty great job of keeping your precious sticky notes safe and secure until you're ready to use them.

    Cat-shaped Post-It note holder placed on desk

    3. A nifty shelving unit to add some extra height so you'll actually have space for your laptop, text books, and everything else you need to get some work done at home.

    Desktop shelving unit placed on desk

    4. A set of stackable rose gold trays so you can create the perfect place for your important files ... or the massive pile of take-out menus you've recently accumulated.

    Rose gold wire drawer placed on desk

    5. A spinning organizer so you can easily access all of your supplies with a few simple turns ... or just mindlessly spin for a few minutes when you need to zone out.

    6. A monitor stand that will not only raise your screen up to eye-level, but will also add two surprisingly spacious storage drawers underneath.

    7. Or a raised laptop stand if you haven't yet upgraded to a second monitor. It'll keep your screen elevated with enough room underneath for a keyboard or other office supplies.

    8. A collapsible file holder so you'll have a place to throw all of your planners, documents, and random mail that's too important to throw out but not important enough to open right away.

    Floral file folder on desk

    9. A sleek platform to convert a normal desk into a super ergonomic standing desk so you can stay on your feet and keep focused during that afternoon slump.

    10. This genius cord box that'll neatly organize all of your chargers and stop them from becoming a wild, tangled mess all over your floor.

    11. An under-desk storage shelf, because when you're dealing with a tiny home office, literally every single bit of space counts.

    Under-desk shelf attached to desk with supplies inside

    12. Or this under-desk file organizer so you won't have to waste any of your precious desk space with a traditional tabletop version.

    Five-tier under-desk organizer placed on desk

    13. A clip-on desk drawer that swivels out when you need it and swivels back in when you don't! It's the perfect place to stash your phone, some extra pens, or your go-to lip balm for when your lips get parched from being the only one contributing in the Zoom happy hour.

    14. A simple yet super efficient organizer with plenty of spaces for pens and pencils, as well as a pull-out drawer that's perfect for enabling your Post-it addiction.

    15. A 3D-printed three-piece accessory set with a unique pen holder, a special place for sticky notes, and a spot for all those stray paper clips.

    Three rose gold desk organizers

    16. A shelf organizer that fits perfectly in that awkward empty space in the corner where you never really store anything because it'll just roll right off, never to be found again. This one even has two small shelves in the middle for the essentials you need to grab in a hurry.

    Corner shelf organizer with books, files, and supplies inside

    17. A super chic paper clip holder with a magnetic top so you'll never have to worry about untangling a giant pile of them when you just need one.

    Mable-desing paper clip holder tipped over with gold paper clips inside

    18. A document holder with five spacious shelves and a pull-out drawer, so you'll basically have no excuse to stay unorganized.

    19. A set of honeycomb book ends to keep everything in its place, because nothing clutters a desk more than a falling pile of books.

    Two honeycomb book ends holding up various books

    20. A set of desk drawers that won't take up much space, but are still big enough to store your notebooks, folders, and journals when not in use.

    Set of three plastic drawers on desk

    21. A sleek four-in-one wireless charging stand so you'll have one tidy place to charge all of your Apple products and get rid of those pesky charging cords you barely have enough outlets for.

    Four in one wireless charging stand with iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch and Apple Pencil

    22. Or this compact stand for your AirPods and Apple Watch so you can easily charge them when you inevitably forget to do so the night before.

    Reviewer's AirPods case and Apple Watch charging simultaneously

    23. An elephant-shaped phone holder since everyone needs a cute desk pet, especially one that will also keep your mess of pens and pencils in their proper place.

    Elephant-shaped phone holder with with iPhone and various supplies placed on desk

    24. A rose gold monogrammed pencil holder that will add some organization and personalization to your tornado of a desk.

    Monogram pencil cups filled with pens placed on table

    25. A mini desk vacuum – it'll gladly suck up any Dorito crumbs or Cheeto dust you leave behind after a snack break.

    Ladybug-shaped mini vacuum placed on desk

    26. Peel-and-stick cable clips that will keep your chargers in reach and stop you from panicking when that low battery warning pops up on your laptop.

    Two cable clips placed on desk with charging cables placed inside

    27. An adjustable stand so your phone is always visible and at the right angle for any unexpected FaceTime calls.

    28. A cascading wall organizer to keep up with all of those important documents without having to actually store them on your desk. It also easily folds up if you ever need to take it with you!

    Cascading wall organizer hanging up on office wall

    29. A set of five organizers in a stunning shade of gold that will make your home office look like an Instagram photo come to life.

    Five gold desk organizers filled with supplies and placed on desk

    30. And a document clip for anyone who doesn't have room for even one more piece of paper on their desk. I feel you.

    Reviewer photo of the clip holding a document, which is attached to a computer monitor

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