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39 Cozy Clothing Items That Are Perfect For Working From Home

Because dressing for success means dressing for comfort.

1. A chunky-style cardigan which is bound to get you so many compliments from all of your virtual colleagues. "Wow, you look so cozy!" —Literally all of your coworkers once you enter the chat

2. This extremely popular jumpsuit that's become a bit of a viral sensation — and for good reason. Reviewers say it's stylish enough to run errands in yet soft enough for curling up on the couch.

3. A waffle-knit tie-knot tunic, which looks formal enough for a video call, but casual enough for when you've 🎶 worked for five minutes so it's time to take a break 🎶.

4. A pair of comfy joggers — they've become a must-have for over 56,000 Amazon reviewers. They're basically sweatpants' trendier, less awkward cousin.

Reviewer wearing black Leggings Depot joggers

5. Or a pair of vibrant houndstooth joggers from Gabrielle Union's collection with New York and Company — because let's be honest, your work-from-home wardrobe is in desperate need of some exciting bright colors.

6. OR! A pair of moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating joggers made of the same material as Sheex's popular sheets, so it's basically like a wearable bed.

Model wearing Sheex joggers

7. A super-soft sweater with a funnel-neck design so you can still feel bundled up even when you have to put your blanket away to get some work done.

8. This genius cardigan that has the work-friendly look of a blazer but the couch-friendly feel of your favorite sweater.

9. An oversized T-shirt with a flowy fit that'll feel like your favorite sleep shirt but still look ~profesh~ enough for any last-minute Zoom meetings.

10. A chic combination of an elegant turtleneck sweater and a cozy T-shirt dress so you'll never have to choose between comfort and style ever again — which is truly the work-from-home dream.

Model wearing striped Vineyard Vines turtleneck dress

11. A pair of leggings (with pockets!) that are warm enough to become a winter staple, yet still perfect for summer thanks to the moisture-wicking fabric.

Reviewer wearing leggings in the shade space dye gray

12. Or a pair of organic leggings that feel as smooth as your favorite worn-in sweatpants but look as chic as your favorite dress pants thanks to the ruched ankle design.

13. A pair of shaping pull-on skinny jeans by Levi Strauss & Co. with over 44,000 5-star ratings from Amazon reviewers thanks to the stretchy yet formfitting design.

14. Or mix it all together and get the best of both worlds with a pair of jeggings that have become a wardrobe staple for over 5,400 Amazon reviewers.

15. A half-zip pullover lined with cozy fleece to keep you feeling calm and snuggly even when your inbox is quickly filling with pointless e-mails.

16. A ridiculously chic turtleneck to add a dash of drama to the one part of your outfit your coworkers can actually see.

17. A lightweight oversized hoodie designed to give you the best mid-workday naps of your life. No seriously, it legitimately has an actual built-in sleep mask in the hood!

18. A chunky cable-knit pullover sweater with an off-shoulder design for that "just woke up from a nap, but make it fashion" aesthetic.

19. A super-unique button-up design that looks and feels like one of your favorite T-shirts but keeps you just as warm as a lightweight jacket. Pair this with some leggings and you'll have the ultimate work-from-home uniform...though we wouldn't judge you for wearing it to the office either.

20. A long-sleeve top by FP Movement with gloriously puffy sleeves and an oversized neckline so you can rock the off-the-shoulder look on casual Fridays...or casual any day of the week, really.

21. A fabulously fluffy oversized Sherpa jacket that'll make you feel like you're wrapped up in a cloud all winter long. It even has a removable hood for those early spring days when you don't want to feel too bundled up.

22. A pair of shorts made of a textured velvet fabric that are so ridiculously soft you'll still be reaching for them in the spring and summer.

23. A sleek, business-casual button-down shirt that comes in a variety of vibrant patterns so you can go a little more formal without sacrificing color.

24. A long-sleeve T-shirt dress with a fit so loose and flowing you'll be wearing for it all year long. Plus, nobody can resist a dress with pockets.

25. A chunky-knit cardigan best described as a wearable fuzzy blanket. Since it has an open-front design, you can't really go wrong with the sizing.

26. A casual quarter-zip pullover that's fitted at the top but loose and flowy at the bottom. You'll look put together enough for any unplanned video meetings yet relaxed enough for any unplanned naps.

27. A pullover lined with silky-smooth satin so comfortable it might just make all your other hoodies jealous. Plus, the satin interior will keep your hair protected from breakage and frizz.

28. A bohemian print dress that feels like your favorite nightgown but looks trendy enough for an Instagram photo shoot.

29. A flowing poncho-style shawl if you like a touch of ~drama~ with every outfit — even when you're just sitting on the couch. It's also reversible, so you'll basically get two outfits in one!

30. A fleece pullover with a stretchy fit that's made to move with you. It has super roomy pockets to keep your hands warm...or to store some midafternoon snacks.

31. A short-sleeve maxi dress that's way too cute to not wear on a weekly basis. You'll feel dressed up enough for an important meeting, but you won't mind lounging around in it once you hit that "end call" button.

32. A pair of reliable Hanes sweatpants, because sometimes even leggings just aren't comfortable enough.

33. An oversized duster cardigan you can drape over literally anything to make it seem more work appropriate.

34. A "Black Art Matters" T-shirt dress with a loose, couch-friendly fit and a graphic print so beautiful you might just be tempted to frame it.

Model wearing Domo Ink Black Art Matters shirt