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Just 25 Useful Things For Anyone With A Laptop

If you have approximately 300 tabs open right now, this list is for you.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A compact sweep and swipe tool that will quickly become your new favorite desk accessory. Use the brush side to sweep away dust and crumbs from your keyboard, then turn it over to use the microfiber pad to swipe away fingerprints from your screen.

2. A USB-C multiport adapter – it packs in a surprising amount of ports for such a slim design. Just plug it into your laptop's USB-C port and you'll now have an extra three standard USB ports, an SD and Micro SD card slot, and an HDMI port so you can connect your laptop to a TV or second monitor!

3. A laptop fan that will stop your laptop from overheating when you have 300 Google Chrome tabs, Spotify, Photoshop, Slack, Outlook, and Excel all open at the same time.

4. A ridiculously helpful sticker featuring all of the Mac OS shortcut combinations so you can stop googling "how to take a screenshot on a Macbook" every single day.

Shortcut sticker placed on bottom of Macbook

5. A padded laptop sleeve to keep your computer protected from any accidental drops as you commute from your home office to the real office.

6. A surprisingly spacious laptop case that has enough room to also store your chargers, notebooks, and other random office supplies you don't really need but like to carry around just in case.

7. A slim adjustable reading lamp – it connects directly into your laptop's USB port to provide some helpful light when you're working in dark conditions. If your laptop doesn't have a backlit keyboard, this will basically be a game-changer.

USB light placed into USB port on laptop

8. A privacy screen protector that filters blue light and makes your screen impossible to read from the sides, that way your boss and co-workers can't tell that you've spent all day scrolling through BuzzFeed Shopping lists.

9. A set of arm rest pads so your wrists stay cushioned and comfortable while you respond to another round of pointless emails all afternoon.

Wrist pads placed on both sides of Macbook touchpad

10. An easy-to-pair Bluetooth mouse for those intense projects where the touchpad on your laptop just isn't cutting it. The mouse lasts up to 500 hours on a single charge and has a noiseless click so the sound of you rapidly deleting through those pointless emails won't disturb anybody nearby.

Reviewer's bluetooth mouse placed on top of laptop

11. A perfectly sized set of clamps that can be easily installed on the underside of your desk so you have the perfect place to store your laptop when the work day is finally over.

12. A webcam cover to help ease the paranoia that all your co-workers can still see you even though you hit "end call" and the meeting is definitely over.

13. A super sleek wooden laptop stand that lifts your screen and keyboard to the perfect height and easily disassembles when not in use.

14. A portable screen you can connect to your laptop and easily take from room to room. It might just fill the void left in your heart from when you had to leave your second monitor behind at the office.

Reviewer photo of second portable monitor placed next to laptop

15. A retractable cable with lightning, micro USB, and USB type-C connectors all in one easily portable design so you can stop fumbling around with a bunch of tangled cords.

16. A document clip you can attach to your laptop's screen so you can stop looking down every time you need to reference that "Excel for Dummies" guide you printed out. Or maybe that's just me.

Reviewer photo of the clip holding a document, which is attached to a computer monitor

17. A selfie ring light you can attach right over your laptop's webcam so you look perfectly glowing and illuminated in all your meetings. You're the main character of your team — you should be lit like one.

Reviewer photo of selfie ring light attached to laptop

18. A personal USB fan you can plug directly into your laptop to keep you chill and comfortable now that the temperatures are starting to rise.

19. A cushioned laptop desk with a special spot for a mouse and your phone so you can hold all the basics right in your lap.

20. This folding portable table so you can take your "desk" from the couch to the bed. There's even a little cup holder that's perfect for your afternoon coffee break...or for when work is finally over and it's time to switch to wine.

Lap desk placed upright on bed with laptop, coffee mug, iPad, mouse, keyboard, and iPhone on top

21. Or this bamboo tray with a built-in USB-powered fan to keep your laptop cool and ventilated while you're typing up a storm.

22. A squishy, malleable cleaning putty to remove the smallest of dirt from the hardest-to-reach places. It's perfect for your laptop's keyboard, but you'll also find yourself sticking it on your car vents, TV, and anywhere else you've given up hope on properly cleaning.

Model using cleaning putty on laptop keyboard

23. A pretty genius phone mount that will keep your phone directly in your line of sight while you're working. It'll basically add a tiny second monitor to your laptop!

24. A raised laptop stand to bring your screen up to eye level so you can stop straining your neck just to get some work done from home. It'll also give you enough room underneath for a keyboard or other office supplies.

25. And a set of hanging planter stickers that'll add an ~aesthetic~ touch to your boring laptop. If plants are slowly taking over your apartment, might as well let them take over your electronics as well.

Hanging planter stickers placed on the front of Macbook

You finally getting the most out of your laptop: