29 Things That Make Sunderland Great

After seeing a list for why Hull is so great due to their runners up status in the FA Cup, why didn’t Sunderland get one for coming runners up in the League Cup. Well I think it’s about time there was one. So the 29 Things That Make Sunderland Great!

1. So we didn’t win the League Cup, but Sunderland kept their Premier League Status

2. So what makes Sunderland so great?

makeitsunderland.com / Via Make it Sunderland

3. 1. The Accent is amazing

Serendipity Tead / Via serendipityteaandtrinkets.co.uk

We Mack-em, you Tak-em
Update: You can get these Mugs from Serendipity Tea & Trinkets, Frederick Street.

4. 2. The People

nationalfootballmuseum.com / Via National Football Museum

The Mackems themselves, possibly the most friendliest bunch of people in the North-East.

5. 3. Lots of Local Celebrities

Lauren Laverne, She’s a Mackem

6. 4. Olympians

en.wikipedia.org / Via Wikipedia

Tony Jefferies won Bronze in Boxing for Great Britain in Beijing

7. 5. This fine chap

A standard on a night out in Sunderland

8. 6. Literature Runs through Wearside

sunderlandecho.com / Via Sunderland Echo

Author of the Horrible Histories series, Terry Deary is from Sunderland

9. 7. Lewis Carroll wrote “The Walrus and The Carpenter” in Sunderland

famousauthors.org / Via Famous Arthurs

He also got his inspiration for “Alice in Wonderland” in Sunderland

10. 8. Fantastic Music

cdncambridge.tab.co.uk / Via Cambridge Tab

The Futureheads - Who scored a top 10 hit with “The Hounds of Love”

11. 9. The Empire Theatre

theatresonline.com / Via Theatres Online

The Empire Theatre, “The West End of the North East”, hosted shows such as We Will Rock You, Warhorse, The Rocky Horror Picture show to name a few

12. 10. The National Glass Centre (With An Awesome Glass Roof)

upload.wikimedia.org / Via Wikipedia

Don’t Look Down!

13. 11. Shopping

Via The Bridges

Chilling in the Bridges after school, ‘cause you were that cool

14. 12. Best Airshow Ever!

sunderlandlive.co.uk / Via Sunderland Live

Sunderland has one of the biggest Annual Airshows in Europe

15. 13. We have beaches and sea-side!

16. 14. Which we run into in fancy dress on Boxing Day for charity

bbc.co.uk / Via BBC

The Boxing Day Dip

17. 15. Mowbray Park

Lovely to wander through on a nice day

18. 16. The Winter Gardens

The tropics of the North East

19. 17. You can go Skiing anytime of the year!

Silksworth Ski Slope :D

20. 18. Our Industry

Nissans European headquarters are right here in Sunderland

21. 19. Epic Coffee

Facebook: holmesidecoffee / Via Holmeside Coffee

Holmeside Coffee, a new Independent Coffee Shop. Try the Flat White, best…coffee…ever

22. 20. Awesome Pubs


23. 21. One of the Largest stadiums in the UK

Much better than the Sports Direct Aren…..sorry I mean St. James’s Park

24. 22. This

Newcastle 0 Sunderland 3

25. 23. This

Sunderland 2 Newcastle 1

26. 24. aaaaaaand this

Newcastle 0 Sunderland 3 (Again…)

27. 25. Seeing this Monument coming back into the City

Everyone loves seeing this

28. 26. Awesome Mythology

en.wikipedia.org / Via Wikipedia

One Sunda morn young Lambton went
A-fishing in the Wear;
An’ catched a fish upon he’s heuk
He thowt leuk’t vary queer.

29. 27. We Love a good Joke

30. 28. The Pope is a Mackem

bbc.co.uk / Via BBC

Well not really, but we have his blessings

31. 29. Overall, it’s just amazing to be a Mackem!

We Dared!

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